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Wellness/P.E. Curriculum-Curriculum-pictures

 What Will Your Child Be Doing This Year in P.E. / Wellness?

¨ At Prairie Trace this year, all grades will have physical education once a week for 50 minutes

¨ Grades will be given twice a year at the end of each semester.

¨ This year in physical education class, the children will learn and continue to refine movements, skills, concepts and team play based on the National, State and Carmel Clay Physical Education Standards and Proficiencies for their grade level.

-All children will learn the importance of increasing their heart rate when exercising and the benefits that it brings to their bodies.  3rd, 4th, and 5th graders will learn to feel their caroid artery to find their pulse and find their heart rate.  Kdg, 1st, and 2nd graders will learn to feel their heart beating and know that their heart beats faster when exercising.

¨ Children in grades 3, 4, and 5 will be running 1 mile in the months of October. Children in grades 1 and 2 will be running a 1/2 of a mile, and Kdg. will run 1/4 mile  on the same month. The purpose of having children run will teach them steady pace, relaxed breathing, natural stride, endurance, perseverance, the importance of running in exercise, and to teach them that they can have fun when running.

--All the children will learn the components that make a healthy body: flexibility, cardio-endurance, muscle strength, and muscle endurance. Children will learn these when practicing proper form of the FITNESSGRAM components: Trunk Lift, Pacer, Curl-Up and Push-Up.

¨ To physically challenge children in grades 4th and 5th to reach their top fitness goals, they will participate in the Fitnessgram.  Grades 4th and 5th will be assessed on the FITNESSGRAM. This program will be focusing on flexibility, muscle strengthening and muscle endurance, cardio-endurance and to teach children how to set and reach their own fitness goals.  It also teaches them to work on beating their own personal best goals and not always competing with others.  They will be assessed on these elements: trunk lift (flexibility), push ups and sit-ups (muscle strength and endurance), and PACER test ( cardio-endurance).     

Grades Kdg.- 3rd will be practicing the physical elements of the fitnessgram, but will not be assessed on them.

¨ To reinforce fitness at home, children in grades 3, 4, and 5 will be able to participate in an At Home Fitness Program. This program will be 6 weeks during the Fall semester.  This stresses the importance of lifetime fitness, staying active, and working on beating their own personal best scores in fitness.

¨ Our school will participate in Walk to School Day in October, and Bike to School Day in May. Both programs encourage staying active and having fun with family and friends and the importance of exercise.

¨ In the month of February, the students can participate in a Heart Obstacle Course.  This lesson stresses the importance of taking care of your heart and teaches them the parts of the heart and how it pumps blood through the body.

¨ In class, the children learn many different types of forms of movement and play. The children get to use a large group DDR system, a climbing wall; learn cupstacking; use pedometers; practice jump roping; learn skills through stations; teach and reinforce throwing, catching, kicking and striking skills; work with basketball skills; football skills; volleyball skills; soccer skills; frisbee throwing; use stretch bands and medicine balls; learn line dancing and simple dance steps, explore balance through balance stations, learn juggling, learn how to play games that never end, to games with no winners, to games with winners and losers; and use many other different pieces of equipment to have fun with movement and to learn about fitness.

In class the children will also learn many health concepts through games, hands-on activitites, and visual aids. Many of those health concepts will cover: proper nutrition, MyPlate format, proper hygiene, importance of exercise, preventing the spreading of germs, learning about the heart and cardio-vascular disease, learning facts and protection about the brain and bike safety.

¨ Throughout the year, the children will learn the importance of good sportsmanship and learn some techniques on how to handle conflict in a peaceful way.

¨ Finally in May, there will be a Field Day set-up for each grade level on different days.   The field days will help end the year with the children having fun, being physically active while participating with a team while rotating to different physically active stations.