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 Week of September 26-30

We are completing the last lab for Unit 1 this week. The Unit Assessment will take place on October 3 (white day) and October 4 (blue day).  The test will cover the following concepts:

Concepts to Know for Unit 1: Scientific Method

  • Steps of the scientific method (order and what they mean)

  • Sampling of scientific jobs and what they study

  • Difference between qualitative and quantitative observations

  • 3 branches of science (earth, physical, and life)

  • Identifying independent, dependent, and controlled variables

  • Writing a proper hypothesis using “If, then” format

  • Difference between inferences and observations

  • Model ,theory, or law (vocab.)

  • Interpreting a line graph (peak, describe trends, etc.)

This Week's Curriculum:

  • practicing all steps of the scientific method while conducting a 2-day lab

  1. constructing the question (independent variable followed by dependent variable format)

  2. gathering information/material; plan procedure

  3. constructing a hypothesis using the "If, then" format

  4. testing the question (experiment)- write down your procedures in order

  5. looking at and organize data in a graph

  6. constructing a solid conclusion (using the claim, evidence, and reasoning)