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Week at a Glance:  September 26-30

Important events this week:                     

College Go Week/ Homecoming:

  • Monday: Off to College we GO! Wear your favorite college gear!
  • Tuesday: Dress for Success- Dress for your future career!
  • Wednesday: Hats off for Higher Education: Wear a hat with your favorite college logo!
  • Thursday: Follow your dreams: Wear pajamas or slippers!
  • Friday: Blue and Gold Day: Wear your Carmel gear to support our Greyhounds!


Turtle Trot:  Friday (9/30)- 10:30-11:20

HELP!  WE NEED SUPPLIES DONATED!    Next week (10/3), students will be starting their Sign of the Beaver scrapbook project. For this project, students enjoy using "scrapbook" materials. Below, I have listed some of the supplies that are typically used.  If you are able to donate any of these items, it would be well-used and very appreciated.  

  •  Small sticker letters (about 2 inches)
  •  Stickers with an outdoor or woods theme
  •  Colorful, fine-tip markers or pens
  •  Scrapbook paper with an outdoor theme
  •  Feathers, or other “nature” craft pieces


Tests and Quizzes THIS WEEK:

Tuesday (9/27) 5th Grade Math Unit 2 Assessment        


Upcoming Events to Think About:

Sign of the Beaver:

  • Comprehension Test:  Tuesday (10/4)
  • Vocabulary Quiz:  Wednesday (10/5)
  • Scrapbook Project:  Friday (10/7)

Walk to School Day:  Wednesday (10/5)

City Barbeque Dine and Donate MTE Fundraiser: Wednesday (10/12)


Leadership Focus 

  • 8 Habits of Leadership:  1) Be Proactive  


Curriculum Focus

Writer’s Workshop 

  • Lucy Calkins Unit:  Personal Narrative
  • Writing Process:  Drafting


Social Studies

  • Chapter 4:  How and Why the Europeans Came to the New World
  • Vocabulary:  Age of Exploration, the Americas, archaeologist, astrolabe, cash crop, explorer, New World


Word Study 

  • Sign of the Beaver Vocabulary:  proprietor, daubed, vaguely, boughs, sinew, nonchalantly, stockade, savagely, boisterous, pungent, gaunt, retorted, meager, typhus, floundered
  • Vocabulary Test:  Wednesday, October 5th 



  • Daily Language Review (practice done at school) 



  • Novel Study:  Sign of the Beaver 


5th Grade Math (Roberts / Curran)

*each teacher will send a weekly email

*check teacher webpage


6th Grade Math (Struve)

Unit 2:  Operations with Whole Numbers and Decimals

  • Reading and Writing Large Numbers
  • Reading and Writing Small Numbers
  • Addition and Subtraction of Decimals
  • Multiplying by Powers of 10
  • Multiplication of Decimals:  Part 1
  • Multiplication of Decimals:  Part 2
  • Division of Whole Numbers
  • Division of Decimals 
  • Scientific Notation for Large and Small Numbers
  • Exponential Notation and the Power Key on a Calculator
  • Scientific Notation on a Calculator


 *The weekly homework calendar listed below is subject to change. Please view the most accurate daily homework expectations from your student's assignment notebook.


Math (5)- Review for Unit 2 Math Test

Math (6)- 2.7

Reading:  SOTB Chapters 14-16/ Questions/ Signature

SS:  N

Word Study:  SOT B Vocab Sentences 1-5


Math (5): N

Math (6):  2.8

Reading:  SOTB Chapters 17-18/ Questions/ Signature

SS:  N

Word Study:  SOTB Vocab Sentences 6-10


Math (5):  3.1

Math (6):  2.9

Reading:  SOTB Chapters 19-21/ Questions/ Signature


Word Study: SOTB Vocab Sentences 11-15


Math (5): 3.2                

Math (6):  2.10                                                       

Reading:   SOTB Chapters 22-23/ Questions/ Signature      

SS:  N                                   

Word Study: N

Grammar:  Subject and Predicate assessment tomorrow


Reading:  SOTB Chapters 24-25/ NO QUESTIONS 

Enjoy your weekend!  Make memories!