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Speech and Language Therapy at Creekside

Students receive speech therapy to focus on a variety of goals including language expression and comprehension, articulation, and social skills.  Services may be provided in a separate speech room, in the classroom, or anywhere in the school environment that relates to the student's objectives for therapy.  No matter what the content of the session, it is my goal to incorporate the FISH philosphy into speech therapy as it is incorporated in the rest of the Creekside building.  I will always "be there" for my students by using the best evidence based practice to address their needs.  I will "be there" for other teachers by helping them support my students in their classes through visual supports, data sharing, and collaberation on techniques.  I encourage each student on my caseload to "choose their attitude" each day in therapy and in class to improve their social skills and group learning.  It is my goal to "make their day" each time I see them for speech by providing positive feedback and encouragement to meet their goals.  And, of course, we have some time to "play". 


If you have specific questions about speech therapy goals or treatments, please e-mail me.