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Please write down the books you have read in your 100 Book Club packet and send it to school. 

The audio for City of Ember can be found here: Audio for City of Ember at Mattie McCullough Elementary




Day of the week Assignments for the Week of December 7
Monday  Do S.L. 6.6, Read "As the Worm Turns" , Study prefix words, personal narratives due tomorrow

Do page 1 and 2 of the study guide, Do "Think About it" and "Working out Willie" papers, study prefixes


Read "The Golden Lie" , Do S.L. 6.8, practice your prefixes, write vocabulary word definitions for S.S. review packet

Thursday Do the Grammar Cop paper, Do S.L. 6.9, practice your prefixes- matching quiz tomorrow, work on chapter 9 S.S. review packet- due Tuesday
Friday  Do S.L. 6.10