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August 15(WHITE) & 16(BLUE)

Today, students were introduced to the rules and procedures of the Health classroom. We discussed the Healthy Triangle and what it means to be an overall healthy person. In addition, students completed a puzzle piece that illustrated what being healthy meant to them. Lastly, students took a Personal Health Inventory to create goals for their overall health.

August 23 (WHITE) & 24 (BLUE)

Today, we discussed what self image was and the ways it is formed. We talked about both positive and negative images that people can have and how that can lead to us improving ourselves. Lastly, we talked about Goal Setting and the SMART acronym.

August 31(WHITE) & September 1(BLUE)

Today, we finished up the Jigsaw activity as a class and then began talking about decision making. We discussed the daily decisions each student makes at home, school and with their friends and who could influence those decisions. After taking notes, students started working on the 3 C's worksheet that is now homework if unfinished. Students should recall 3 times they had to make a decision and break it down into the 3 C's before indicating their final decision.

September 9(WHITE) & 12(BLUE)

Today, we did a short review of the Parts of Health, Self-Image and Goal Setting. Students will have a quiz over these topics during their next HEALTH class. We then discussed some myths/realities of smoking, the reasons why people smoke, the dangers smoking pose to their bodies and they came up with reasons why they should not smoke. Students used their workbooks to complete a worksheet about the harm of smoking on multiple body parts. Students were then assigned a One Pager to complete. The rubric for that assignment is attached.

September 19(WHITE) & 20(BLUE)

Today students began with a quiz covering the Parts of Health, Self Image, SMART Goal and Decision Making. We then discussed the short and long term effects including the effects on heart rate. Students found their resting, maximum and target heart rates while in class.

September 27(WHITE) & 28(BLUE)

Today students discussed the chemicals in tobacco, labeled the respiratory system and learned the path that oxygen takes through our bodies. They were assigned Captain Oxygen which is a storyboard/comic strip illustrating the path oxygen takes through the respiratory system.