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October 5(WHITE) & 6(BLUE)

Today, we discussed the different types of alcohol and the effects it has on our bodies. We created a foldable to use as a study guide that defined alcoholism and alcohol abuse and described the effects of small amounts and large amounts of alcohol. Students were asked to write a letter to parents describing reasons they choose not to drink or smoke. This letter is to be signed by parents and turned in at the next health class.

October 13(WHITE) & 18(BLUE)

Today, students learned about marijuana and the effects it can have on their bodies, both long and short term. Students completed an around the room activity to fill out their note sheets and then worked with groups to create a PSA about the dangers of marijuana. Students will have an open note quiz next week!

October 25(WHITE) & 26(BLUE)

Today, students took an open note quiz over Alcohol, Tobacco and Marijuana. Each PSA group was given time in class to complete their PSA project before moving onto the topic of Coping with Anxiety. We discussed the situations that make students anxious, they feelings that arise from it and rating how stressful they find a given situation.

November 2(WHITE) & 3(BLUE)

Today, we finished up our PowerPoint notes and discussion about anxiety. Students shared how they deal with anxiety and what coping mechanisms work for them. We then discussed anger and what behaviors or situations cause anger for students. Students completed an Iceberg activity that described the feelings they had internally when angry and 5 things to describe how they express that anger. We then went through common scenarios and discussed the proper outlet for the anger that could result.

November 18 (WHITE) & 21 (BLUE)

Today we discussed conflict resolution. Students began the day with a competitive activity where they were asked to work together with their table groups to solve tangrams. We then discussed what conflicts arose from the activity and both the positive and negative ways they solved it. We then went through a PowerPoint that talked about conflict resolution strategies and things that can cause conflict in life. Students then completed their Positive/Negative Conflict Resolution Wheel. (Instructions on the PowerPoint)

December 1(WHITE) & 2(BLUE)

Today students did a quick review activity over conflict resolution. The students chose their favorite fairy tale or animated Disney movie and discussed the conflict in them and ways the conflict was solved. We then discussed bullying, specifically 4 types: Physical, Social, Verbal and Cyber. We then played Jeopardy as a review game for our test next Health class. The test will cover Coping with Anger, Coping with Anxiety, Conflict Resolution, Communication Skills and Bullying.