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Assignments for week of 09/19/2016


Week of: 09/19/2016
Monday/Tuesday  Facial features, grid abd big idea plans completed
 Wednesday/ Thursday Value on face and neck in-progress; ranking high and low levels of portrait value application; Drawing of additional object
 HW DETAILS  Drawing 2  different eyes, 2 noses, 2 mouths with value (HB or #2 pencil and blender) . Write specific descriptors for 1 of each features.

Value application to the mouth and nose on final arwtork, object also incorporated and added. Compare contrast artist activity


Sketchbook 5 requirements and details


Sketchbook # 5: Draw and shade 2 eyes, 2 noses, and 2 mouths. Each feature should be a different age, race, or ethnicity. 1 of each feature(1 eye, 1 nose, 1 mouth) should be labeled with brief descriptors of that individual feature. The purpose is NOT to generalize or stereotype cultures or different ethnicities. The purpose is to be more aware of the amazing variations and complexities of the human face.

Descriptions should be focused on visual evidence and observational study- NOT opinion based.

Example statements to write next to your drawing:

·         These eyes are smaller with single eye lid showing, crease touches eyelash line with corners titled downwards.

·         Here is a nose with a narrow frame, rounded end, & pointed upwards.

Descriptive words choices: narrow, wide, upwards, downwards, tilted, full, smaller, larger, sharper/ defined, rounded, pointed, flat, spaced, curved, angled.

*Mrs. Gaw recommends taking Art Packet home to use the example visuals included on page 14,15, and 16**



What does a scientific observational drawing look like?...

If you are struggling with drawing, try upsides down method, grid method, or negative space drawing to improve accuracy.


Sketchbook # 4 observational study

Sketchbook assignments and policies

Student work; oil pastel unit


Student work-Self-portait


Sketchbook #3 Paper drawing and Shading

Paper drawing and Shading Tips: 1. Use the 'How to draw ribbon curls printout on page 12 of your ART JOURNAL. 2. Take a pic of the paper objects on your phone. Draw from 2-d image 3. Shading trouble?... Take pic on phone and edit it so it is black and white so you can see values easily. 4. Get teacher help with a CORE + pass

Negative space Student examples