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Fifth Grade News

Carmel Clay Schools Attendance Program

Students with Excessive Excused Absences:

When a student misses 7 excused days of school, (vacation or illness, no doctor's notes provided), the parent, student, school administration, counselor/social worker and nurse will discuss the students attendance at school.  In some cases the School Resource Officer will attend the meeting. 

The meeting will attempt to discern what the issues are for the student missing school and devise a plan to assist the student and family in improving their attendance. Documentation of the meeting is kept in the student file. 

When a student misses 10 excused days of school,(vacation or illness, no doctor's notes provided), a  Letter of Incapaciy and a physician’s letter, which requires a doctor’s note for any further absences, will be mailed to parent by certified mail.


If a student misses 12 excused days of school, (vacation or illness, no doctor's notes provided), the student and parent are referred to the ACES program.  The school administration will fill out and submit a form to the Community Prosecutor.  The Prosecutor’s Office will then contact the parents by mail and phone to inform the parent and child of the required meeting.<o:p></o:p>