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Curriculum Information

As a district we have adopted some wonderful curriculums that are implemented in the classroom. Each block below will give you a description and some information about each individual curriculum that we use.

Literacy Express

Literacy Express is a research based preschool curriculum for children ages 3-5. Students participate in small group, whole group, and individual learning activities in the areas of oral language, phonological awareness, and print knowledge. Literacy Express also provides learning opportunities in the areas of mathematics, science and general knowledge. There are 10 thematic units in which the skills and information are presented. Each unit builds upon the previous one and uses already mastered skills to gain new ones. This offers opportunities to differentiate for the students and continue to build basic skills for those who need the repetition and challenge those who are ready to move forward. Please take a moment to look through the curriculum unit links that I have posted. These will give you a clear idea as to what our objectives are for each unit and some activities to do at home to help reinforce what your children are learning at school.


Talking, Drawing, Writing

Talking, Drawing, Writing is an approach to teaching young children the beginning skills of story writing written by Martha Horn and Mary Ellen Giacobbe. With this approach children are given opportunities to first build their oral language skills and become good storytellers. The students are then taught to transfer their story to the paper by drawing a meaningful picture. Once children become comfortable with drawing they are then encouraged to add "writing" to the pictures. It is a great approach for the children in my classroom because I am able to meet them where they are at and help them progress forward in developmentally appropriate steps. Please check back for some pictures of the work we are doing in this area.