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When do I seek help?

We, as parents, often wonder if our children are developing as they should. We may seek out advice from our family and friends and become even more frustrated because the answers are never the same. We may hear that "no child is the same" and that they "will mature in their own time" but then the question of when do I seek help for my child rises and the answers can be difficult to find. While it is true that every child develops differently there is also a typical pattern and rate at which children usually develop. Each time a child gains a new skill such as sitting up or waving bye they are gaining a new developmental milestone. Children that are typically developing reach these milestones by certain ages. Knowing when your child should be reaching those milestones can answer many of your questions and if they are not reaching the developmental milestones for their age then talking with your child's doctor would be the first step in getting the help and support your child may need. The earlier a delay is recognized the more you can do to help your child reach his/her full potential.