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Assignments for week of August 10th, 2015


Week of: August 10th, 2015

Language Arts- 

Social Studies/Science-  

4th Grade Math- 


Language Arts-

Social Studies/Science- 

4th Grade Math-Math class starts Thursday of this week for 3rd grade and 2/3 Challenge.  However, at home practice basic multiplication facts!             


Language Arts- Students will decorate their Writer's Notebooks next Tuesday.  Students may want to decorate their notebooks with family pictures, stickers, pictures of things they like to do, just about anything they want to use to inspire writing ideas.  Students may bring in "arts and crafts" anytime leading up to Tuesday or on Tuesday.  I will also have some papers and crafts here at school for the students to use too.

Social Studies/Science-

4th Grade Math-                        

Language Arts- 

Social Studies/Science- 

4th Grade Math- 1.1 Please bring your homework to and from school each day!


Language Arts- 

Social Studies/Science- 

4th Grade Math-  Math homework is typically completed in school on Fridays if time allows. 



Welcome to the 2015-16 School Year! 

Family Picture- If your child would like a family picture posted in the classroom please send one in over the next few weeks.  Pictures will be returned prior to 4th grade.  Students who were in my classroom still have their pictures hanging up in room, but they may bring in a new one too! 

Our Current Units of Study!

SCIENCE/SOCIAL STUDIES-  Changes Science Kit.  Students will be introduced to the concept that matter exists in 3 states (solid, liquid, gas) and that substances in each of these may be described by their own properties.  Students will experiment how to change the properties (freezing, melting, evaporation, and condensation).  Through experiments students will recognize the indicators of chemical reactions.    Once we get this science unit off and running we will add in our Social Studies unit on Geography and Carmel/Hamilton County History.  For our Social Studies units students will discover that what happened long ago shaped how we live today and that change happens over time.  Students will learn about Carmel's early days and founding fathers, in which Carmel was known as Bethlehem.  Students will have a field experience to the Carmel Depot/Historical Society.   For Geography, students will create a Map in a Month.  Students will learn the essential parts of maps (compass rose, map key, grids) and create their own map of a "place/country".   Specific emails will go home with further updates as we move through these units over the first quarter.

Reading- Establish procedures and expectations in what is known as, The First 20 Days.  All elementary schools use curriculum from Carmel Clay Schools and our Challenge Curriculum was written specifically for 2/3 GT and includes lessons on launching the Daily 5 Framework, Writer's Workshop, and Reader's Workshop models.  Jr. Great Books will be introduced during this time and an email will go home providing further information.  Returning students are already familiar with this reading program.

Writing-  Information Writing- Lucy Calkins- Lab Reports and Science Books.  Students will study procedural writing and practice writing like a scientist.  Students will learn information writing skills during science time as we work on our Changes Science Unit.  A rubric will be sent home after Information Writing has been introduced to the students.  The rubric will be used to assess work (Science Notebook) at the end of the Changes Science Unit. 

Math- 4th Grade Math ONLY- Students will be introduced to the Student Reference Book (hardback and online).  Students will practice using geometry tools and work on exploring and identifying polygons.  Students will have some practice with addition and subtraction facts too! 

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