Julie Arnold

Forest Dale Elementary

Carmel Clay Schools

10721 Lakeshore Drive West (Map It!)

Carmel, IN 46033

(317) 844-4948 ext. 1438

Carmel Clay Schools

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About Your Teacher

I have a guiding sense of curiosity, and it has been my life’s constant.  My need to ask questions makes me an ideal match for students who do the same.

Since I find it difficult to tell you about myself within the confines of this traditional tab, I’ll give you some facts and let you draw your own conclusions.

I am an unrivaled botcher of song lyrics who sings unapologetically in the car, a food klutz, stationery snob, charm bracelet fiend, PBS enthusiast, and Amazon Prime addict who still plays air guitar in the mirror while getting ready, has nightmares about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, finds a personal sense of calm in museums, keeps track of nightly Jeopardy scores, and always wanted to be Pippi Longstocking.  I am also boundlessly enthusiastic about minor chords, anxious about bad seats on airplanes, prefer cursive to print, collect tea cups, am hooked on Swedish cinema, and grind my teeth horribly.  I believe that life is a constant celebration, detest long goodbyes, laugh at my own jokes, have a hyper-expressive face, can’t follow a recipe, would like to play competitive Quidditch, and am frightened of sharks, thunder, and the Whammy from Press Your Luck.

I like to recognize those aspects of individuality in my students and hope to motivate and inspire in the quest for knowledge by nurturing a sense of wonder, honoring creativity, and cultivating independent thought.  Let’s get to work!