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There's a pretty good chance that your child will come home and talk about the PACER test from my class, but what is it?  PACER stands for Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run, and it is one of the ways that I assess my students and their overall fitness.  It is a fifteen meter, multi-stage aerobic capacity test that slowly becomes more difficult as the test continues.  The goal is to make it fifteen meters before the music beeps.  When the beep occurs, the students turn around and run back to the other side of the gym.  These beeps get faster and faster as the tests continues.

Each student, Kindergarten through fifth grade, will run the PACER test at least three times per year (fall, winter, and spring).  Third through fifth graders run fifteen meters , but for my younger students who can't run as far I alter the distance and time accordingly.  Third through fifth graders will keep track of their results each time we take the test, and it is my hope that improvement will take place as the year wears on (it always does!).  I have no intention of turning your child into a world-class marathoner, but I do intend to improve their fitness and help them enjoy being active. It's always fun to see their faces when they beat their previous score!

Third through fifth graders also test in curl ups (modified sit ups), pushups, and a trunk lift, which is a flexibility test of the lower back.  For the younger students we simply practice these exercises. 

These tests are not designed for competition to see who is the best runner- they are designed for each individual student to become the best runner that they can become.  With that in mind, I do have a PACER Test Wall of Fame hanging in my gym that keeps track of the top two fifth grade boys and girls from year to year.  Along with that, each fourth and fifth grade student who runs at least thirty PACER laps will have their name on the wall.  Each season (fall, winter, spring) these names can, and will, change, and hopefully this encourages students to work extra hard to have their name on the wall!

Please help by encouraging your son or daughter to get out and play! The habits they form as children are the habits they will take into adulthood.  If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me.