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About Me

                                                              All About Ms. Hitson

     Hello, and welcome to my website.  I am beginning my 36th year of teaching for Carmel Clay Schools. I have a wealth of experience from primary to intermediate grades.  I have taught at  the old College Wood, Orchard Park, Forest Dale, and now Mohawk Trails.  My experience has taken me from first grade to fifth grade, and I have also taught enrichment classes in science and math during the summer.  I can't imagine how many students I have taught over the years, but  I am happy to say that I usually remember my past students, and they also remember me!

     I went to college at Ball State University and earned my Bachelors Degree in Education.  Soon after, I earned my Masters Degree at I.U.  I have continued to learn and evolve with changes and trends in education, and it seems like the more education changes, the more it goes back to what it once was.  I live in Fishers, and have a wonderful daughter, Courtney, who is 27 years old.  Courtney recently earned her  MFA in Poetry and Creative Writing at Columbia in Chicago.  She will graduated this spring,  and now is moving on to a career in teaching at the college level.    I kid her that she is my "forever student".  Courtney has become a very accomplished writer, and I am very proud of her.   I also have a dog, Sophie, who is near and dear to my heart.  Sophie is a rescue lab/border collie mix, and she has taught me so many valuable lessons about patience and understanding.  Having come to me as an abused puppy, Sophie has finally learned to trust and love.  She has an amazing vocabulary and knows many words!

   I am excited to begin the year with a new class of children, who are already becoming my "family".  I only have one important rule in my class, and that is to "treat others as you would like to be treated".  I challenge my students to discover and polish their individual gifts and talents.  As learners and teachers, I view it as individual responsibility to share our gifts and talents with those that we work with everyday.  When the magic of trust and sharing come together, our class truly evolves into a family, where we feel free to learn even more together.  When the school year ends and graduation day arrives, it is a every bittersweet moment for me.  I look forward to working with my family this year.