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Suggestions for Ways to Improve Math Grade


First and foremost, students need to be bringing home their book on a daily basis. 

Most students often only bring home the worksheet or workbook page and not their text book. We usually go over all the examples for each section together in class so looking at the examples in the book (before starting the homework) should help remind them how to solve the problem.  Many times, we will also start one or two problems on the homework together in class.  The students are to place a star next to these problems so when they begin their homework later that evening, they have a worked-out solution to use as a guide.

The good news is, if a student has forgotten to bring home his/her textbook, the book can be accessed on-line!  Please check out the link to the on-line textbook on the left-hand column of this page!

Take the initiative to practice problems other than the assignment.

If a student receives a poor grade on an assignment, for example the assignment for section 2.3, then the student should be working the odd numbered problems out of section 2.3 in the textbook as the odd numbered answers are in the back of the text. 

*****Students may also access the online video tutorials for each section of the book.  These are step by step directions on the examples in the book!  Please click the on-line textbook link and follow the directions.****




Quiz/Test Preparation

Finally, students are given at least one week’s notice about upcoming tests. Since 10% of the math grade is based on homework scores and 90% is based on quizzes and tests, it is imperative that students are not waiting till the night before to study for a test! Students should be:  (1.) correcting missed problems on their graded homework pages, (2.) watching the lesson tutorials via the on-line textbook; (3.) working the odd numbered problems and checking the answers in the back of the text, (4.) working problems in their workbook, and (5.) practicing with the on-line quizzes and tests.  There are usually 5-6 sections per chapter so reviewing a section per night leading up to the test is a great study method!

Extra Credit

The middle school philosophy is that we expect all students to give their personal best at all times. Therefore, little, if any, extra credit will be offered. When/if extra credit might be offered, please encourage your child to take advantage as these opportunities are limited! 

Finally, take the initiative to retake a poor test grade.  Students may retake a test grade as many times as they wish (prior to two weeks before the end of the grading period) in order to improve their grade.  Please see the test retake contract on my home page.