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Resource study skills is an instructional approach to teach students positive learning strategies. Students will learn the basics of organization through modeling and weekly maintenance. Students explore different learning preferences and cognitive approaches to education. Learning the new study skills and then applying them to daily work allows students the needed practice to develop their personal learning traits. On a weekly basis, students will learn to set academic goals and monitor their academic progress through self advocacy, tracking assignments/tests, and daily grade checks.

Resource Math

Resource math is designed to build on prior basic math skills to help students become more successful in their general education math class. Basic curriculum focusses on the Indiana Academic Standards at the ability level of each individual student. Skill development focuses on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and percents.

Each day students participate in three 15 minute stations. The stations are listed below

1. Problem solving: students are presented with one or two problems that may not have a clear answer or a clear path to an answer. This station challenges them to think creatively and develop their problem solving skills as a small group. 

2. Folders: Students complete work that supports the learning in their main math class. Teachers provide direct and explicit mini lessons on a variety of topics and encourage students to continue working through a problem until they have found the correct answer. 

3. Aleks: This station helps students develop independent learning habits. Aleks is a computer program that invidiualizes student learning and allows them to work on the topics they need the most help with.