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Physical Education Teacher

Teacher Kathy A. Hedge Email- Office Locker Room 38 Phone 7009


General Class Procedures

1. Student need to have the following supplies for P.E each day

CHS P.E. Uniform (short and shirt) Socks, Tie Gym Shoes, Heart Rate Strap, Class Book, Pencil. 3 Sided Pocket Folder

2.  Attendance is in the varsity gym SW corner. Students must be in assigned seats before the bell.  Students must return to assigned seat after activity time and wait on class bell to be dismissed.

 3. Students if you are absent you must see your teacher and sign up for a Cardio Room make up pass. You will need to pick up pass at the end of class.  Girls pick up passes when we go to locker room to dress. Boys meet me outside locker room 38/39 to pick up pass after you dress.

4.  Gentlemen if you have an Issue that need my attention come to locker room 38/39 to find me.  Blue day 39 Gold day 38  I have a bulletin board outside locker room 38 if you forget to pick up make up passes

4. You must be in your assigned seat at attendance and after activity.  Any student that doesn't report will be counted truant.

5. Students who have lost items need to check lost and found box in your locker room and make sure you see me.  Lost and Found is located in each locker room, Field House Office and Bookstore. 

6. Student are not allowed to wear other students clothing,this is consider theft at CHS.

7. Students need to take uniforms home to wash each week.  PLEASE!!!!


Activity Schedule

Unit 1

Items needed each day

Uniform (Carmel High School shirt and short)

Tie gym shoes

Class book

3 sided pocket folder


Unit 1 Activity

Fitness testing

Fitness Gram login/recording fitness scores

Activity Gram-  7 day assignment and 3 day Acrivity

Cardio Room make up policy

Swimming Test (must have swimming suit and towel day of testing)

CPR Training

Fitness Goal


Students need to login to  using Code for each class and password. I gave each student  a handout on procedures to register for activities. Student's absent or unable to make account must obtain an SRT pass to verify they understand how to upload assignments. NO LATE ASSIGNMENT ACCEPTED!  If you are absent it must be turned in next class time.

Rate Worksheet - Done in class- recorded in class book

Pre- Test Fitness Score -record in class book

 Fitness Gram Login- Record Scores/ make sure you put height and weight  /  First Time in Lab  w/teacher. Remainder assignments students will do assignments at home. Students absent must see teacher for SRT to complete assignment.

Fitness Gram- Final Fitness Data  -  make sure you put heigh.t and weigh on your 7 day assessment in lower left corner, (how many days have you an cardiovascular activity 1-7, how many days did you do a muscular strength/muscular endurance 1-7 and flexibility 1-7

Fitness Goal (pink paper)  gave assignment  (absent student's need to pick up)

 Diversity Paper-  Students will recieve this assignment 10/3 and 10/4  - Final Due Date November 15.   No late papers will be excepted, extended due date gave students a month to finish.

What is happening in Physical Education This section is still being designed