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Course Description

Assignments for week of 05/13/2013

This week we are working on understanding the difference between positive & negative space. The Art Journal assignment due Tuesday is "What Can My Hands Do". This assignment focuses on positive & negative space.

Week of: 05/13/2013
Tuesday  Putting pattern into our drawings
Thursday  Learning about warm & cool color schemes

Assignments for week of 05/06/2013

There isn't a Art Journal Assignment due this week because of ISTEP

Week of: 05/06/2013
Monday  color theory unit
Tuesday  color theory unit
Wednesday  color theory unit
Thursday  color theory unit
Friday  color theory unit due

Good Luck on  ISTEP. Get lots of rest! This week we are working on our color unit.

Week of: 04/29/2013
Tuesday  Art Journal Due, "Day In My Life"

Assignments for week of 04/08/2013

Welcome back from Spring Break

Week of: 04/08/2013
Monday  Begin covers of our Handmade Art Journals
Tuesday  add painted texture to our covers
Wednesday  add text & images to our covers
Thursday  add layers to oour covers
Friday  add altered photo to our covers

Assignments for week of 03/25/2013

We are beginning to work on the covers of our Handmade Books, our Art Journals. The covers of our books should answer the question "who am I?" Remember to start collecting ephemera.Think about what you might find over spring break. Here is a link to the rubric for the Handmade Books

Week of: 03/25/2013
Monday  cover base
Tuesday  add color (tissue paper)
Wednesday  add texture (paint)
Thursday  complete covers

Assignments for week of 03/18/2013

Welcome to Exploratory Art

Don't forget your supplies & Behavior Contract are due on Friday!

Week of: 03/18/2013
Monday  Welcome to class!
Wednesday  Conversation Game
Thursday  Painting our book block pages, be prepared for a messy day!

 Behavior contract due

Art Journal Assignment - Collage Color Wheel

Collage a color wheel using magazine images or found objects in a 2-page spread. Remember these are just starting points for your own creativity. Don't forget to label the colors & make sure the hues are in the correct location!Don't use things downloaded from the internet.

Art Journal Assignment - A Day in Your Life

Journal a day in your life using COLLAGE and other media.Don't forget text!

Student artwork - Day in Your Life
Student artwork - Day in Your Life
Mrs. Rettig's Day in Your Life
Mrs. Rettig's Day in Your Life

Art Journal Assignment #2, "A Day In Your Life"

A two page spread in your handmade book visually describing a day in your life. Any day (the entire day) of your choice, include lots of images plus text. Remember to visually fill the space, create a background, & have a focal point.

Art Journal Assignment #1 - Thoughts & Feelings on Creating Your Art Journal

Art Journal #1, collage your thoughts, feelings & emotions on creating this handmade book. Don't forget to use multiple mediums and layers. Don't forget this is a two page spread. Include a well written paragraph telling about your thoughts, feelings, and emotions on creating this book, somewhere on the pages. REMEMBER THESE IMAGES ARE ONLY TO INSPIRE YOU. THE REQUIREMENTS FOR EACH ASSIGNMENT VARY SLIGHTLY EACH QUARTER!

Art Journal Assignment - What Can Your Hands Do?

Trace your hands a minimum of two times. Pay attention to the positive space vs. negative space. (Your hands should stand out from the background). Create a 2-page spread. Use multiple mediums. You should include text, preferably in two mediums.

Remember these examples are not perfect but just a starting place for you.

Art Journal Assignment - Illustrate a Descriptive Word

Create a 2-page spread using collage. Don't forget the title & the definition of the word. Think of a descriptive word. Don't forget text. You must use collage plus other media. don't forget about the background and overlapping your images.