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Writer's Notebook block?

Stumped on what to write about for the weekend "Notebook" entries?  Here are some ideas:

Make a list of lots of topics/ideas and keep it handy every weekend (Here are just a few ideas to get you started...)

-Something special you did that weekend
-a favorite vacation spot
-your pet/a pet you'd like to have
-write a letter to your favorite author/singer
-what you want to be when you grow up
-special hobbies/talents
-write a letter to the President
- tell about a recent favorite book
- write a poem about a particular season
-pretend you have a super-power... what would it be?
-write about a person you admire/want to be like
-If I could fly on a magic carpet anywhere, I'd fly to...
-What's the most important invention ever invented?
-write a song about school
-If I were President I'd...

You could even take the list and cut apart each idea.  Then on the weekends draw an idea out of a hat and write about it. 

Still stumped?  Use some of the strategies we're learning about in class:

Write from a list (pick an idea from a list we've created in a previous entry)
Write from a picture
Write a poem/song/rhyme/letter
Story Starters:

Once upon a time...
It all started when/with a...
You will never believe what just happened!
Have I got a story to tell you!
Did you know that...