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Carmel Clay Schools

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Daily Schedule

Use the following table to outline how each day is spent.

Time Event
8:03AM-8:10 AM Arrival - Attendance, Lunch Count, etc.
8:10AM-8:30 AM

Welcome Work, Handwriting,
Class Library, Community Meeting

8:30AM-10:40 AM Reading and Writer's Workshop
10:40AM-11:10 AM Lunch/handwashing
11:10AM-11:25AM Author's Chair/read aloud
11:25AM-11:40 AM Recess
11:45AM-12:15 PM Social Studies/Science
12:15PM-1:30 PM Everyday Math

1:30 PM-1:39 PM

Organizational Time
1:40 PM-2:30 PM


2:30 PM-2:35 PM Dismissal