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Biome Links 



Provides some details about 8 different biomes found in North America.


University of California Museum of Paleontology. They provide information about six major types of biomes.

Enchanted Learning: Biomes

Enchanted Learning has put together some great, easy to use information about biomes.

Area Search Guide

This is a page that has several links to different pages on biomes. It might be helpful if you need some specific information.

Fact Monster

A bit brief on details, but there can be some useful information for you to use.

UM Biology

The University of Miami provides some great background on both terrestrial (land) and aquatic (water) biomes. May be a good place to find basic background.

World Biomes

An easy to read site with all the biomes. It provides some good examples of animal and plant species.

Marietta College

Use the map on the first page to select your biome. Great amounts of detail on these pages. Some may be more than you need.

World Builders

This site focuses mostly on land biomes, but there is some limited information about some of the aquatic biomes.

Think Quest

This site has good general information about mostly land biomes. There are some good lists of species found in each biome as well.

Untamed Science

Good information on both land and aquatic biomes.


Wild Classroom

General facts about mostly land biomes. Some pictures can be found here as well.


General facts can be located here. There are some good lists of plant and animal species as well as pictures.

Encyclopedia of Earth

This site is very useful in finding articles. You’ll need to use the search box to find your biome, but it contains loads of topics about our planet.

Blue Planet Biomes

Another mostly land biomes website. Has some good pictures, but detailed information on species.

Windows 2 the Universe

Some good general information for most land biomes. There’s also an ocean link that has related articles. Look for those related links.

Animal Planet Biomes A solid webpage with mostly land biomes. Click on the map to gain general information, and follow the links with the pop-up boxes for more.
BioExpedition Some great details about many different biomes.


Astronomy Links

Windows to the Universe

Great information about different kinds of astronomy topics.

 Windows to the Universe

Star Child Program

A NASA supported site that provides detailed information about the Milky Way Galaxy and our solar system in particular.

Star Child


Kid friendly site on planetary information.

Kids Astronomy

Enchanted Learning

An easy to use website with great and useful information

Zoom Astronomy

Peter and Paul Around the Galaxy

Another kid friendly site on the solar system.

Peter and Paul

National Geographic

National Geographic's site on astronomy; specifically the solar system.

National Geographic

JPL Planets

Jet Propulsion Lab; another nasa site that helps with planet information.





Solar System Sites

Nine Planets

An up-to-date site with easy to find facts.

Nine Planets

NASA’s Solar System Page

A very reliable source for up-to-date facts.


Perth Observatory

An observatory in Australia with great information.

Perth Observatory

Space Today Online

A current online magazine with solar system information.

Space Today


Plenty of current information about our solar system and the stars in our local group


Zoom Astronomy

Fun and interactive page about our solar systems and bodies in it.

Zoom Astronomy

Seasons on the Other Planets

A quick description from a professor of astronomy about seasons on other planets

Courtney Seligman Information