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8th Wellness: 

Please remind your child to leave his or her cell phone in their 8th grade locker. All Wellness classes have been encouraged to do so as we do not permit cell phone use in our locker rooms.


PREVAIL guest speaker - Mrs. Lytle on Safe Dates. Please see my Canvas page and refer to the parent email sent at end of November and again on December 14 regarding this unit.

CANVAS - most items for health will done thru Canvas and not available on my website any longer. Please look at my Canvas announcements and calendar.


FITNESSGRAM testing will take place the week of October 25. Students will be assessed for Aerobic Capacity in the PACER test run on Oct. 27 and Oct. 28. This data will be used to determine individual fitness needs to best benefit student cardiovascular health. If students are able to reach benchmark laps they will complete fitness tasks which address components of muscular strength and endurance. Those not able to reach their benchmark score will have fitness tailored to improve their cardiovascular endurance.

Benchmark for boys: 47 laps

Benchmark for girls: 36 laps

Ask your child why there is a difference between gender benchmarks. This is part of our fitness unit in health as well.

Heart Rate Straps - Osborn's PE classes will use their HR straps and Polar watches every Wed. we have PE. Please refer to the rubric on the Resources Tab. This will be a grade based on Standard 8.4 (I can be fit) Our Dept. focus is on cardio fitness throughout the year.


 MISSED PE DAYS NEED TO BE MADE UP - visit my Resources tab to print off or look at the requirements. Feel free to email with questions or the make-up work.

Standards of Assessment for daily PE grade:

  • Standard 1 - I can move correctly with the sport skills and equipment
  • Standard 2 - I can train myself and train others - team concept and strategies applied during game play
  • Standard 3 - I can stay physically active for the duration of PE class.
  • Standard 4 - I can be fit - ascertain my fitness levels as shown by HR monitor
  • Standard 5 - I can play fairly by demonstrating knowledge of PE rules, responsible personal and social behavior, and positive sportsmanship
  • Standard 6 - I can find physical activity that I enjoy - applicable to fitness day options