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General Course Information

AP Calculus AB introduces the topics of differential and integral calculus. The course covers at least as much material as a standard first semester college calculus course. It is recommended for only those students who have earned a grade no lower than a “B-” in previous mathematics courses. Students taking this course will be required to have a TI-84, TI-84+ or a TI Nspire graphing calculator. 

The curriculum is aligned to College Board guidelines. AP Calculus AB prepares the student to take the Advanced Placement Calculus AB exam in the spring. If students score well they may be awarded one semester of college credit. Students should check with their chosen universities to see about the need to take the AP exam. Students in this course are encouraged to take the AP exam and will be asked to pay a fee of $8.00. The State of Indiana is currently funding the balance of the test fee.

As part of the Advance College Project, students who enroll in AP Calculus AB may apply to earn four (4) hours of college credit through Indiana University’s mathematics department. (Course number M211) Regular university fees will be charged and credits are transferable to most colleges and universities. Each student who chooses to take this course for college credit should inform his/her counselor at the time of scheduling. Fees will be due within the first two weeks of the first semester. Once a student application is accepted by the ACP office of IU, withdrawal from a course is not an option.

Calculus Websites

Here is a website which matches interesting articles to sections in our textbook.

Here is a website that guides students through problems with explanations for each step.  It is very beneficial as it ties together graphical and algebraic approaches.