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Many parents and students wonder what the student's earned grade signifies.  Below is the interpretation of the student's grade by letter for Mr. Beck's courses.

A – A firm grasp of all concepts. 
      Solves nearly all routine exercises with very few and only minor mistakes.
      Solves most sophisticated exercises involving more than one technique. 
      Discerns clearly the appropriate use of  mathematical theorems and tools.

B – A firm grasp of nearly all concepts.
      Solves nearly all routine exercises with few mistakes.
      Solves some sophisticated exercises involving more than one technique. 
      Has some grasp of appropriate use of mathematical theorems and tools.

C – Grasps the main concepts. 
      Solves most routine exercises with an acceptable number of mistakes. 
      Often unable to solve problems that combine concepts or techniques. 
      Struggles to appropriately use mathematical theorems/tools without guidance.

D – Has definite gaps in conceptual understanding. 
      Solves a significant, but unacceptable, number of routine exercises.
      Number of mistakes unacceptable. 
      Struggles to appropriately use mathematical theorems/tools with guidance.

F – Has severe gaps in conceptual understanding.
      Unable to solve a significant number of routine exercises.
      Unable to use mathematical theorems and tools appropriately.