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Welcome to the Art Room

On this site I hope to inform families about the exciting things being done in our Towne Meadow Art Studio.  This room ranks as a favorite space for many students.  I believe that making art with children is a major addition to their regular core classes.  I want my room to be a safe studio where everybody counts.  We work together making art and we learn how to take care of a studio environment.



Children are naturally enthusiastic about making things.  It is a fact that while they are still very young, they have much to say, and a deep desire to be heard.  We must embrace a child's desire to create.  The art studio provides the space and materials for them to learn and express using "a hands on approach".


The art studio allows children to be exposed to other people, places and cultures from around the world.  In the art studio we explore ancient civilizations, popular culture, contemporary ideas, and personal expression.  Students learn how art is an important part of our everyday lives.  Toy design, book illustration, museum exhibits, theater production, murals, public sculpture, movies, cartoons, television, fashion design, jewelry, and architecture are just a few of the ways that the visual arts reach our children.


Children are growing in a world that continually bombards them with visual information, such as television, movies, video games, Internet, billboards, and print media.  Art provides students with a visual vocabulary and language that will empower them to decipher what is important and meaningful information in a visually dominant society.  By creating and discussing art and design, children learn to develop better thinking and problem solving skills.  They learn to articulate why they respond, like or dislike certain images or ideas.  They learn how to express feelings and opinions.  Research indicates that children, who are exposed to the arts as part of their core curriculum, are more integrated in school activities and have improved test scores and will be more likely to develop as a "life long learner".