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Everyday Math, Grade 6

Below you'll see information about our current Everyday Math unit. You can also access the Student Reference Book, Family Letters, games, and homework through the Everyday Math site. Students have been given their login information.

Everyday Math Online


EDM 6, Unit 10

Unit 10: Geometry Topics

Skills covered (expected for mastery):

  • Convert numbers dictated in mumber-and-word notation to standard notation.
  • Convert between scientific and standard notations.
  • Apply properties of orientations of angles and sums of angle measures in triangles to determine angles measures.
  • Identify and describe instances of translations, reflections, and rotations.
  • Write and solve equations.
  • Recognize topological equivalence.


Developing skills - Practice on the Unit test but assessed at a later date:

  • Use dot paper or geoboards to demonstrate and describe the difference between similar and congruent figures.
  • Estimate products and quotients of decimal numbers.
  • Write an expression for the perimeter of a figure.
  • Use a formula to write an expression.


How can I help my child study?

  • Review homework that has been returned. Review missed problems or other trouble spots.
  • Create problems similar to the study guide and have your child solve them. Can you make a game out of it? Play for points, extra play time, or a treat!
  • Review Unit Notes packet for any student notes or work done in class.
  • Log into Everyday Math online for review and game play.
  • Have your child create review questions and answers for YOU to solve. Did you both agree on the solution?