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"When is something alive?" That is the big question we are exploring in unit 2.  To answer it, we are reading, writing , and talking aout how to recognize living and nonliving things.  Be a part of our exploration!  Make sure you have rich conversations using our key words and ask a lot of questions about what we are doing at school.

Key words to use in conversation

animal, breather, drink, eat, living, move, nonliving, person, plant, alive, energy, exercise, food health,

bud, flower, leaf, petal, seed, sun, height, length, light , project, ready

 Comprehension Focus for Unit 2

List facts - determine if facts should be on a list

Text Features -diagrams

Events, Setting (where and when), Plot

Differences between stories and informational text

Look for a widget on your myCCS page. It is full of information about our new NWEA-MPG Assessment program.

Thank you for making the time to come and learn how we can team together to make first grade the best learning experience for your child. I will keep the power point up all year for you to refer to.


Parents, please look at the link below when the nightly reading is hard to fit in to your schedule.  As a parent, this helped me.

Olympic Reading

Research shows that first grade students need to read 15 minutes five days per week.  Olympic athletes practice a lot to become an Olympic athlete.  We have to practice a lot to become Olympic Readers.  Thank you for your support!