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Please look at my class web links through Mohawk's media web page.

1. Go to the Mohawk Trails web page.

2.  Click on Media Center link.

3.  Click on Resources link.

4.  Click on Work Stations link.

You can  click on any teacher's name to find a variety of good web choices for skill practice. 


We have poems that come home each week.  You should practice your poem daily until you can read it fluently with inflection. 

A book will come home each week for you to read to an adult at home.  Remember to bring it back the next day because your friends in other classes need it the next day.  The cost to replace these books is $7.00.

Part of your daily homework is to read 15 minutes each day at home.  Make sure you find a just right book to read so you will enjoy this reading time.


Working with Words (Spelling)

Please remember that we work with word families for both spellling and reading.  It is almost more important that we work with these word families to become proficient readers.  Make sure you practice each night. The vowel combinations au, aw, ue, ew, io, and oy give students trouble in both reading and spelling.  We are working on these for the next several weeks.  It is very important to practice daily.

Making Connections

No one can help your child make connections as they read better than you. You know their past experiences and people in their lives that could help them connect with their reading. As you read with your child help them connect characters and events from the book with people and events in their lives. Ask your child.... Who does this character remind you of? Does this setting remind you of a place that you have been?



We are working on building the ability to visualize which is imagining as you read. We have been using our imagination to see, taste, smell, feel with our hearts, and feel with our body. We have been applying this to our read aloud and as I read. I am pushing the students to put themselves in the story and imagine everything that would be in that setting even if the author did not mention it. We are now moving on to doing this as we read. They practiced it with a partner and they will soon be doing this on their own. Please encourage and discuss this as you read with your child.