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I hope you enjoy
ed your long, three day weekend and our 2 hour delay on Wednesday!  It was a cold week being cooped up inside!

Just a few reminders:


Book Fair: The book fair will be in the MTE library next week.  Our class can shop on Monday during our regular library class.  Family night is Wednesday, January 27th after school until 7:00 pm.

Chores for Charity:
It’s that time of year for our annual fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  As years in the past, Mohawk Trails has collected change for this organization.  Our goal is to raise $2,016 this year.  All
students will be earning their donations by doing chores around the house. During the week of January 25-29th, students will be assigned a different chore to perform at home. Please see the flyer sent home today with the collection box.  You can also donate online at Thank you for your support!!

Social Studies:

This week we wrapped our Discovery simulation.  The students were able to experience what situations the colonies faced as their colonies were growing.  We did have one group that lost all of their land, either by
other colonies or Native Americans.  They were forced to join other successful colonies.  This week we also started to learn about the events leading up French and Indian War and the impact on the colonies.


We will be picking back up with our Greek and Latin stems in Caesar English with
lesson XIII.  Students will have the introduction Monday, will have one opportunity to practice during literacy workshop, and our quiz will be onTuesday.

We are still working with the skills of paraphrasing, summarizing, and synthesizing.  The kids have struggled the last two week as we have looked at the genre of poetry.  Overall students are doing a great job with their
paraphrasing and summarizing, but still needing some work on their synthesizing because students are having to create something new from what they have learned in their reading.  Next week, students will be able to choose their own nonfiction article from Tween Tribune to apply the skills.  Hopefully, the kids will enjoy having choice in their reading.

Unfortunately, we did not get much accomplished in writing this week due to having a 2 hour delay and NWEA today.  We did start examining point of view by having the students
retell a story from the perspective of a different character. They read Believe me, Goldilocks rocks! : The story of the three bears as told by Baby Bear.  Working in groups of 3-4, students rewrote the story from another POV - Mama Bear's, Papa Bear's, or Goldilocks'. Then they took turn writing, with each student writing a sentence and passing it to the next student.  Today we started,looking at how a narrator with no voice shares an experiences of a “Rip in the Pants of a Teacher” and now we can add voices from different point of views.  Next week, students will be expected to rewrite the story from a student’s,principal’s, teacher’s, another teacher’s, or the pant’s point of view.


This week we wrapped historical fiction book clubs, talking about the events that occurred in history and point of view they were presented.  We wrapped up this book clubs discussion with a journal entry summarizing the historical information they learned, if they enjoyed the point of view/perspective using evidence from the novel.


Thursday my math class had a quiz over adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers and today we finished taking our NWEA test.  Next week we will spend one more day on this skill, but practice by using a calculator.  We will then have two review days and our chapter 7 test will
be Thursday.  You will see review homework Monday and our review packet Tuesday and
is due Thursday. On Friday, we will making chapter 7 self-corrections and start unit 8 on Fractions and Ratios.

Have a nice weekend!

Mrs. Augspurger


Below you will see this week’s homework assignments.  Please check for updates on your child's daily assignment notebook and know that things can change daily.


Day of the week Assignments


  • Book Fair Next Week-Bring Money on Monday during Media check out
  • Chores for Charity’-$ Donations for Leukemia Society



No School-MLK Day



  • Book Club-Reading Assignment and Thinkmark
  • Study Link 7.11
  • Caesar Quiz XIII Thursday



  • Book Club-Reading Assignment and Thinkmark
  • Unit 7 Test Thursday/Review Packet Due Thursday
  • Caesar Quiz XIII Thursday



  • Book Club-Reading Assignment and Thinkmark
  • Finish Jacobs Ladder



  • Book Club-Reading Assignment and Thinkmark
  • Study Link 8.1?