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 Art Rewards

When each student works to their potential, they create a positive and creative environment for their class.  As a result, their work excels.   Students and classes that demonstrate this positive behavior are rewarded.


The Outstanding Art Student of the Day-   This is a daily award given to one student in every art class that demonstrates positive behavior in the art room in one of, or in multiples of the following four areas: respect, perseverance, citizenship, and responsibility.


"Everything is Awesome" CLICK UP CHART 

This is a variation of our school clip up chart we have been using over the past few years.  The big idea is the same; offer art classes the opportunity to monitor their class effort and work.  Art classes will track their successes and use them to earn special art privileges and activities.

Rewards can include:

  • sit by a friend
  • art game/activity day
  • special art project
  • paint a ceiling tile in the art room 


Crayon Cash-  Students can earn "crayon cash tickets" throughout our school year.  These can be earned in a variety of ways.  Anytime a student does something "artistic" outside of school, they can be paid in "crayon cash".  Examples can include art camps, lessons, making art at home, visiting art museums and galleries, and reading books about art and artists.  Many more are described on my art activities link.  Students save and spend these tickets on special art privileges and projects.

  • 1 ticket =  Turtle Buck
  • 3 tickets =  Design a button
  • 5 tickets =   A four day pass to sit by a friend
  • 10 tickets =  Art project of your choice- this can include duct tape, rainbow loom, clay, canvas painting, paper making, jewelry making etc...
  • 15 tickets = Make a new seating chart for your art class
  • 20 tickets =   Pottery wheel lesson
  • 25 tickets =  Candy jar pottery wheel lesson
  • 30 tickets =  Paint a ceiling tile