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We will be starting recorder soon.  Be prepared to hear some beautiful music, support your child as they practice and enjoy their progress.  We will be starting w notes C' and A.  Also, reading notes on the staff. 


The Fourth Graders are starting on Indiana history with song games, play parties and soon we will be beginning to use the recorders. We will be adding F# and D' to our previously know notes of C' B A G E D.  Our program is on Thursday, February 16 at 8:25 a.m.


The Fifth Graders will be starting out playing on the xylophones and drums.  We will start recorders in a few weeks.



CHORALAIRES:  The school choir is open to all 4th and 5th graders.

Our first rehearsal is on September 8, Thursday morning at 7:15 a.m.

NOTE:  there is no problem for a student to be in broadcast AND Choralaires.

TO SIGN UP  - use this link.


ORFF ENSEMBLE:  the school percussion ensemble is open to all 5th graders.

Our first rehearsal is on Tuesday, September 6 [THE DAY AFTER LABOR DAY BREAK].

Spaces are limited. 

NOTE:  There is no problem for a student to be in broadcast AND Orff Ensemble.

TO SIGN UP - use this link:


CONTROL+Click on the links below to register your child.


CHORALAIRES [Grades 4 and 5]:


ORFF ENSEMBLE [Grade 5 only]:






If there are any questions, please be sure to contact me at OR by phone at 846.3086 ext 1221.


FOURTH GRADE Indiana History Program February 18, 2016

The CTE Fourth Grade Informance about our Indiana ABC's will take place on Thursday, February 16, 2017.   

You will learn more about choosing your child's costume in December.

COSTUME OPTIONS:  Basketball player for IU or Purdue; Cheerleader for IU or Purdue; Pioneer boy or gir; Farmer boy or girl; Race Car Driver; Civil War Soldier; Native American.  


Basketball Players - wear colors from the school (ie. red and white for IU; black and gold for Purdue).  Cheerleaders - same - we do have some skirts that can be borrowed;

Farmers:boys - jeans, bandana, shirt; girls - denim skirts, blouses, bandanas  Pioneers: boys - khakis, white shirts, vests, straw hats; girls - flowered skirts, white stockings, white blouses, aprons, bonnets

Race Car Drivers - short jackets, carry a helmut, black slacks

Civil War Soldiers - blue shirts, jackets, short brimmed hat, boots

Native Americans - light or dark brown pants; a shift, beads, headbands, vests

PLEASE NOTE:  We have limited accessories available in the music room to help.



PARENT HELPERS:  I will need about 4 parents to help with the costumes.  In general, children will furnish their own costumes, but I have some extra props to add such as aprons, headresses, straw hats, skirts.  If you can volunteer to help, please call me at 846.086 OR email me at


Music to memorize for the program:






Helpful Resources

Learn more about the Indiana Standards of Music.