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Madame is Retiring

I will be living in with my 92 year old Dad, still here in Indy, available to my students as needed!

cell: 317 450-2765


Current Week

 8th Grade Assignments

 Unit 6 Final Exam Friday May 23

High School Placement Test Tuesday Wednesday May 27 & 28

Due On:

Presentation 18bc quel, ce

Presentation 19a -ir verbs

Presentation 19b adjective comparison

Presentation 20b -re verbs

Past Tense

Review Unit 6 Test        Key    Jeopardy

Review Unit 1-5 Test        Key    

Test day Topics

 Mon5/19  past tense
Tues 5/20

Review test practice

Wed 5/21

review test practice

Thurs 5/22

review test practice

Fri 5/23

 Unit 6 Final Exam  vocab revew p. 299


6th Grade Assignements

Oral Assessment 4a

Oral Assessment 3c


 Unit 2 Final Exam CHANGED TO TUESDAY MAY 27

Review Practice Test Unit 2        Key

Jeopary Review

Review workbook pages 55-59 and textbook pages  66-67.

 Due On:



Presentation 4a Telling Time

Presentation 4b Days Months Seasons

Presentation 4c Weather

 Mon 5/12


 Tues 5/13

  textbook page 61 exercise 2

write #1-6 Question and Answer (but you may leave OUT aujourd'hui in the answers since you've written it 6 times in the questions!) George asks if it's Saturday - you say, No, it's Sunday. He's always a day behind.

 Wed 5/14

 workbook page 48

 Thurs 5/15

textbook page 63 exercise 2 write a sentence that begins "C'est le...." with the date of each holiday, spelling out the number and month.
 Fri 5/16  Days Months Seasons 4b quiz



Oral Assessment 4

Chansons fran├žaises

Open House Presentations

8th Grade                                7th Grade                    6th Grade