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Dear Parents,


Carmel Clay Schools is exploring implementation of a district-wide online learning management system (LMS). Learning management systems are software designed to connect all the digital tools and resources teachers use in one place for students and parents to access. After exploring many different learning management systems, Carmel Clay Schools is going to begin testing Canvas, an LMS designed for grades K-12.


I have signed up to be one of many teachers in the district who will be participating in a preliminary trial of Canvas as a way to learn more about this tool.  During this experimental period, teachers, including myself, will be able to  add class materials, links, assignments, and more to a secure, online classroom space.  Our students will be able to access the online course content using their school username and password.  As a parent, you  will also have the ability to access your child’s Canvas content by creating an observer account. The sampling of this software will provide the district with the feedback needed for a possible full K-12 implementation beginning in the fall of 2016-2017.


Thank you, in advance, for your assistance and understanding as we participate in this trial of Canvas  as a teaching and learning tool in Carmel Clay Schools.  To learn more about Canvas and how to set up a parent observer account, click here.


If you have any questions about your child’s participation in Canvas, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Mrs. Shirley Morton


Apps for BYOD

Click here to see the list of apps we will frequently be using this year.  It is helpful if students have these installed before bringing devices to school.

Students may need to login to their CCS Google account to access this list.

Indiana Academic Standards

These documents are the Indiana College and Career Ready Academic Standards for fourth grade implemented in 2014. The Correlation Guide compares old standards to new standards. The Core Standards Shifts explains what students must do and what parents can do to support their child.



Parent Tips for School Success for Your Child

Fourth grade is a transitional year for elementary students. This means that your child will be transitioning from learning to read, to reading to learn.  Fourth grade students are expected to assume greater responsibility for their own learning and academic success. Some students are more mature and developmentally ready for this transition. Other students struggle during this transitional time. Some are not developmentally mature enough to handle the expected independence. The fourth grade teachers want to work with you and your child to make sure he/she is successful enough to reach his/her full potential and not experience any additional stress. 

The best thing parents can do to help the teacher help their child is to communicate with the teacher(s). If the teacher is not aware that your child is feeling overwhelmed, he/she can not help your child. Please email, send a note, or leave a voice mail message for your child's teacher. Please do this as soon as you notice a problem. Don't wait until the problem is creating stress for you and your entire household. Please communicate directly with the teacher. We will keep the conversations confidential and we respectfully ask you to do the same. Nothing is more detrimental to our team work than to have rumors circulating around the Mohawk community




Assessment and Grading

This presentation will explain the purposes of assessment and how grades will be determined.