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 Digital Learning I is now being managed in Canvas.

Please go to Canvas for updates, announcments, and assignments.


Students are to complete 60 minutes of typing practice each week. On the left side of the main screen students can find the "My Progress" button which they can use to make sure that their homework is complete.

License ID: carmelcl

Log in: firstnamelastname

They need to know their password.

Today we did a timed typing drill to see how much we have improved since we began practicing good typing technique.

March 16th

Today we took a timed typing drill to see where our starting point is at the beginning of the nine weeks.

We have many students out of class today for rehearsal for this evenings band concert. Student who were in class practiced their typing skills in Microtype. In class we will work in Microtype each day. Edutyping will be done at home. These are two different programs.

March 15th

Today we took a short questionaire to help me get to know my students.

Then we took a vocabulary pretest that will not go in the gradebook.

Then we watched a video on why learning good typing technique is important.

March 14th

Welcome to Digital Learning 1.

Today we went over the syllabus and what topics we will be discussing this nine weeks as well as class rules and location of items throughout the room.

Please make sure the permission slip is returned tomorrow!! 




Random notes from previous quarters...

We began our day with typing practice.

Today we talked about how to choose the correct words from a question to use in our search engine to get the answer that we are looking for as quickly as possible.

August 18

We began our day with typing practice.

Today we talked about how to decide which link will be the best one to find the information that we are looking for from a list of search results. We do not click from the top down.

August 17

We began our day with typing practice.

Today we learned how a search engine works and the parts of a search result.

We also handed out our assignment sheets for edutyping. 

We handed out our log in cards for Edutyping only for students that have turned in their permission slips.

WE also learned the difference between a Browser and a Search Engine and how a search engine uses spiders to index the web.

August 14

We began our day with typing practice.

August 13

We began our day with typing practice.

When we finished with that we learned how to access our H:drives from home.

August 12

Then we talked about Ergonomics and repetitive stress injuries.

In addition we discussed how much damage can be done to a computer by not shutting down the system properly.

We spent the remainder of the class period practicing good typing technique.

Don't forget your USB drive and earbuds everyday!!

August 11


Use this link to study for the test Friday!!!

Thursday, April 23rd - Wednesday April 29th

For the next several days we will be doing station work.

Station 1 - We will look over the online profile of Linda and Jason and talk about how what people can see online about us can affect us in real ways. We will also Google ourselves and see what we find.

Station 2 - We will use a 24 hour log of all of our digital activity to create a table and pie chart of our online lives. Then we will compare our online lives with the online lives of the rest of our group and see how we are similar and different than each other.

Station 3 - We will think about what it means to be a good digital citizens by answering some questions about scenarios that we may encounter online in our lives and deciding how we should act if we are ever put into that situation.

Station 4 - Digital Drivers License - We created our account on and began working on the cases. Each case teaches us important lessons on being a good digital citizen.







Monday, April 20 - Wednesday, April 22nd

Today we repeated the same process from last week with our second set of computer terms. By Wednesday each student should have two completed Google presentation projects shared with Mrs. Phillips. these projects along with the study guide that we completed can be used to review for the test on Friday.

Friday, April 17th

Today we came together in small groups to share the information we learned from our research. We used this information to fill in a study guide for the terms test next Friday.

Thursday, April 16th

Today we each received the first of two terms from a list of ten terms. We are to research our two terms and find a definition and real world example. Then each student will add their definition and explanation of their term to a google presentation for their group that can be sued to study for the post test next Friday.

Wednesday, April 15th

Today we talked about how to evaluate websites to determine whether or not we should trust them. Always consider the 4 C's: Content, Currency, Clarity, Credibility.

Then we practiced using the 4 C's by evaluating websites about topics currently being studied around the Creek.

First I ran a report to determine which students had successfully completed their typing homework on edutyping and updated grades accordingly.

Thursday, April 2nd

Today we did a timed typing drill to see how much we have improved since we began practicing good typing technique.

Then we taught each other how to solve the troubleshooting problem that we researched.

Wednesday, April 1st

Today we finished our troubleshooting flyer.

Tuesday, March 31st

Today we were assigned groups and our specific troubleshooting issue to research. We were to work with our partner and find three reputable sources to help us better explain how to solve our problem.

Then we began compiling the information that we have found into a flyer to assist us in teaching the rest of the class how to solve our issue.

Monday, March 30th

First I ran a report to determine which students had successfully completed their typing homework on edutyping and updated grades accordingly.

Today we started working on a new project. We filled out the first column on the worksheet explaining what we already know about each of the 11 common issues that students experience when using computers.


Today we works with shapes in Paint, Microsoft word, and Google docs. We worked in pairs to draw a house and then each student was to create their face using shapes as an individual assignment.

Today we learned about Copywright Laws, Fair Use, and the Public Domain.

Then we discussed COPPA and how this law affects students and teachers in our school.

We also watched the "Fairy Use" video to introduce tomorrow's topic.

Today we discussed Carmel Clay Schools Technology Use Policy and Acceptable Use policy.

Then we discussed four important rules that should be followed in order to stay safe when using social media.

1. All accounts should be set to private

2. Only accept friend requests from people that you actually know

3. Turn location settings off

4. Never share information that can lead someone to locate you.

Today we created a flyer in Microsoft Word using a simile to describe our digital life. Each student was to write a simile describing their digital life and then add as many features as they wanted to make the flyer visually interesting. This helps me to get an idea how much my students know about basic word processing programs.

Today we learned about the layout of common programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Google Docs.

Then we finished with that we set up our student myccs accounts.

Then we talked about how important good passwords are and how to set a strong password.

We also covered creating folders to stay organized and the difference between SAVE and SAVE AS.

Tuesday, February 24th - Tuesday, March 10th

Continue working on end of term project.

Monday, February 23rd

 and then we began our big end of term project.

This project will last the remainder of the nine weeks. Be sure that we are staying caught up on our calendar so that you finish by the due date of Tuesday, March 10th.

Wednesday January 28th

Today we used padlet to discuss what makes a good group member. We then created our class contract for all future group activities. 

General Information

Students will explore creative and innovative ways to use technology in answering questions, completing projects, solving problems, and effectively communicating those results. Students will analyze, evaluate, and use information from a variety of sources and media.  Responsible and respectful digital citizenship will be demonstrated and taught when using technology. Students will demonstrate keyboarding skills, an understanding of the nature and operation of technology systems and the ability to troubleshoot when necessary.   

This course follows the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Standards. These standards can be found at


 ·         Agenda Book           ·         Class Folder        ·         Paper

·         Pen/Pencil                ·         Flash Drive          ·         Earbuds

Keyboarding instruction – Keyboarding instruction is no longer being focused at school. Keyboarding practice will now be completed at home as homework. Timed tests will still be taken and count toward the students grade in the course.

Please make sure your student does their typing practice using proper technique!!! They will not be able to look at their hands during the test so looking during practice will make success in the course very difficult!!!


·         WEBSITE:

·         LICENSE ID: carmelcl 


Grades are determined by total points.

Opportunities to make up missing work:

If they have a study hall during the school day they may request a pass to come to my room and work.

Any student may go to the after school study hall until 4PM to work in the library.

Most assignments may be brought home as homework.

Any student who is behind is given a CAT time pass from me, but I cannot make them use it!!!

Other arrangements can be made as needed.