Mr. Rott

Carmel High School

Carmel Clay Schools

520 East Main Street (Map It!)

Carmel, IN 46032

(317) 846-7721 ext. 7640

Carmel Clay Schools

  • Experience Excellence…
    • Explore Opportunities…
      • Realize Potential

YOU are responsible for your own learning.
No teacher, parent or friend
can assume that responsibility for you.
Only YOU can determine how well and
how completely YOU do your work.
Your work ethic is very important
to your success.
Accept responsibility for
the choices YOU make.


The only person who learns is the person
who does the work.


Things are never as bad as they seem.
Things are never as good as we want
What is, will change.
What isn't, can be.
The only thing you will ever control
is your attitude.