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The first three days of Wellness class will be spent making sure that we can alleviate the anticipation and anxiety that comes along with changing into a uniform and opening a PE locker
for the first time. We will spend most of the week teaching each student the policies and procedures of the Wellness area.  Receiving a second locker, changing into a uniform each day and learning a new system can be extremely overwhelming for a 6th grader, but I assure you that your child will be successful in each of these tasks and feel more confident doing them.  Below, you will find some helpful information regarding lockers, uniforms, Class expectations/Wellness Handbook, Heart Rate Monitors, Health class, and bringing a device to class:

PE Lockers – We will be assigning each student a PE locker/lock (if it was not picked up at registration) and talk about locker room procedures.  Most students will keep the same locker for 6th, 7th and 8th grade, unless they share with a friend, relative, or
sibling.  If your child loses their lock, they can purchase a new one at the school book store for $5 anytime throughout the year.   Due to the increase in the number of students at Creekside, we have a shortage of PE lockers and will be working diligently to get everyone a locker by the time we start PE.  We will be assigning relatives of the same gender to share a locker.  We will also be asking for students to volunteer to share with a friend.  In this case, we will contact you for permission.

Uniforms - If your child didn’t pick up a “pre-order” uniform during registration, we will be passing those out this week.  Each student will write his or her name on the uniform and leave it in the PE locker. If your child has not yet purchased a uniform, he or she can do so at the book store during their lunch.  The cost is $7 for a shirt and $7 for shorts.  Health straps can also be purchased at the book store for $12.50.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s uniform, please feel free to contact me. 

Class Expectations – I will be taking your child through the policies and procedures of the Wellness area during class this week.  I know your child is probably going to be on “brain overload”, so I am attaching my classroom expectation sheet and the Wildcat Wellness Handbook for you to review. The Wildcat Wellness Handbook includes our department grading system, tardy
policy, dress policy, doctor’s notes and injury policy, etc.  If you can take a moment to read through these new policies it will be greatly beneficial, as I know they are much different than your child’s elementary school.   

Heart Rate Monitors – We will be using heart rate monitors, once a week, in PE class.  Your child should have purchased a heart strap for $12.50 and if not, can do so at the book store during his or her lunch.  I will attach/send directions on “How to use a Heart Rate Monitor” for those of you who aren’t familiar with this piece of technology.  Hopefully this tutorial will not only help you, but your child as well. 

Health Class – We will be going into the health classroom beginning Monday, August 18th.  Students will need a binder, paper and writing utensil for class.  We will be learning about the different parts of health and students will be creating their own personal storybooks.  We will also be learning about bullying and accepting other’s differences.