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Scope and Sequence

1/7 Part I: DNA Structure and Function (#1) Lab: DNA Extraction (#2)
Chapter 12 Reading Guide Questions 1-15 (#3)

1/9 Part II: DNA replication Lab: Modeling DNA and Replication (#4)
Replication Quick Fold (#5)

Chapter 12 Reading Guide Questions 16-23

1/11 Part III: RNA and Transcription
Lab: Modeling Transcription (#6)
Transcription Quick Fold (#7)
Worksheet: Comparing DNA and RNA (#8)
Chapter 12 Reading Guide Questions 24-32
1/15 Part IV: Genetic Code and Translation
Computer Lab: Protein Synthesis Tutorial

Lab: Modeling Translation
Translation Worksheet
Computer Lab: Synthesizing Luciferase
 Lab: Protein Synthesis with words
Complete Chapter 12 Reading Guide
1/22 Part V: Gene Mutations
Lab: Gene Mutations

Review Packet and study for Chapter 12 Test
Chapter 12 Test, Notebook Check

Unit Two Student Reading Guide Questions 1-9



Unit Two: Meiosis, Sexual Reproduction and Chromosome Mutations

Date Notes In class Activities Homework
Part I: Chromosome Structure, Diploid/Haploid Cells and Homologous Chromosomes

Lab: Constructing Dragon Chromosomes Reading Guide questions 10-26, Finish Lab
Part II: Sexual Reproduction and Meiosis

Video: Sexual Reproduction, Worksheet: Meiosis Stages Finish meiosis stages worksheet
Part III: Meiosis in Humans
Computer Lab - Meiosis in Humans Finish Meiosis in Humans Tutorial, Finish Unit Two Reading Guide
2/5 None
Lab: Breeding Dragons
Finish Lab
Part IV: Chromosome Mutations
Lab: Insect Karyotypes
Start Unit Two Review Packets
2/11   Computer Lab: Human Genetic Disorders

Finish review packets, study for Unit Two Test: Sexual Reproduction, Meiosis and Chromosome Mutations

Test: Sexual Reproduction, Meiosis and Chromosome Mutations
Binder Check
Unit Three Reading Guide Questions 1-20
Finish Karyotyping and Chromosome Mutations Packet





Unit Three: Mendelian Genetics


Date Notes In class Activities Homework
Part I: Gregor Mendel

Lab: Constructing Your Own Genetic Profile and determining the Prevalence of Dominant traits Finish Constructing your own genetic profile
Part II: Punnett Squares and Monohybrid Crosses

Lab: The Monohybrid Cross, Probablility and Law of Segregation
Collect data on seed lab
Practice with Punnett Squares
Finish Unit Three Reading Guide
Part III: Test Cross, Dihybrid Cross
Lab: The Dihybrid Cross and Independent Assortment Complete Unit Three Review Packet: Mendelian Inheritance
Study for Unit Three Test
2/26   Unit Three Test: Mendelian Genetics Unit Four Reading Guide: Beyond Mendel  ALL

Unit Four: Beyond Mendel

Date Notes In class Activities Homework
Part I: Limitations of Mendelian Inheritance, Sex-Linked Traits

Lab: The Secrets of Bedrock Sex-Linked Traits Practice Problems
Part II: Incomplete Dominance and Codominance

Lab: Gummy Bear Genetics,
Incomplete and Codominance Practice Problems
Part III: Multiple Alleles, Polygenic Inheritance and the Environment
Worksheet: The Baby Blunder
Lab: Polygenic Inheritance of Height
Complete Baby Blunder Worksheet
Start Working on Unit Four Review Packets
3/7 Part IV: Pedigrees Lab: The Flipnob Family Pedigree Complete Unit Four Review Packet, Study for Unit Four Test
3/11   Unit Four Test: Beyond Mendel
Notebook Check
Unit 5 Reading Guide Questions 1-6

Unit 5: Evolution


Date: Notes In class Activities Homework
3/13 None Go Over Test
Video: Darwin's Dangerous Idea
Unit 5 Reading Guide Questions 7-10
3/17 Part I: Introduction to Evolution and Pre-Darwinian Views Finish Darwin's Dangerous Idea
Dueling Theories: Lamarck verses Darwin
Finish Comparing Darwin and Lamarck, Unit 5 Reading Guide #11-21
3/19 Part II: Darwin and Natural Selection Lab: Bizarre Beaks Unit 5 Reading Guide #22-28
3/21 Part III: Evidence for Evolution: Fossils, Fossil Formation and Dating Lab: Radiometric Dating
Lab: Relative Dating
Unit 5 Reading Guide #29-34
3/25 Part IV: Evidence for Evolution: The Record of Life Lab: Deep Time  
3/27 Part V: Evidence for Evolution: Embryologic Studies and DNA Lab: Evolution of Whales Unit 5 Reading Guide #35-37
3/31 Part VI: Evidence for Evolution: Comparative Anatomy and Natural Selection Today Video: Evolution of Dogs Unit 5 Reading Guide #38-53
4/2 Part VII: The Genetics of Evolution Lab: Allelic Frequencies and Natural Selection Unit 5 Reading Guide #54-63
4/14 Part VIII: Speciation and Patterns of Evolution Lab: Evolution of Caminacules Study for Unit 5 Test
4/16   Unit 5 Test: Evolution
Notebook Check
Unit 6 RG


Unit 6: Ecology

Date Notes Class Activities Homework
4/18 Part I and II: Introduction to Ecology, Population Growth Lab: Lynx and Hare Finish Lynx and Hare Graph and questions
Unit 6 RG #19-26

Part III: Human Population Growth

Lab: Power of the Pyramids NONE
4/24 Part IV: Homeostasis in Communities Finish Power of Pyramids
Video: Predators
Unit 6 RG #27-34
4/28 Part V: Community Change Lab: Succession Unit 6 RG #35-37
4/30 Part VI: Biodiversity Lab: Calculating Biodiversity
Lab: Importance of Biodiversity
Unit 6 RG #38-41
5/2 Part VII: Extinction Lab: Genetic Diversity and Extinction
Video: Extinction
Unit 6 RG #42-44
5/7 Part VIII: Invasive Species Web Quest: Invasive Species  
5/13 Energy Flow in Ecosystems Lab: Great Lakes Food Web  
5/15 Matter Flow in Ecosystems Video: Carbon Cycle  
5/19   CORE 40 EXAM  
5/23 STUDY HALL    
5/29 and 5/30   FINAL EXAM  




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