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Our PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) system has evolved over the last several years. With the focus on teaching and modeling our daily procedures, we have seen students gain a distinct understanding of our expectations. In turn, students model behavior and act in a manner that is positive and appropriate. Also, we have been able to develop and establish positive relationships through our no cost reward system. Students throughout Towne Meadow are excited to celebrate their positive behavior.

Being the Coyotes, our acronym, to help students remember our expectations, is P.A.W.S. 

·         Practice respect
·         Accept responsibility
·         Work together
·         Safety matters

Students are taught the expectations in the following six areas:

1.       Bus
2.       Restroom
3.       Hallway
4.       Cafeteria
5.       Pod
6.       Recess

Once our expectations have been taught by our staff in all six areas, students may then earn “green paws” as a way to acknowledge expectations that are being met. We set a goal for each grade level to meet for the total number of green paws that should be earned over a grading period. At the end of the grading period if our green paw box is filled, we will have some sort of reward for our student body. Some of our previous rewards have included: BINGO over live TV, bring a game from home to play with a friend, recess with the principals, scavenger hunt, etc. Our students have thoroughly enjoyed these activities. Also, individuals have the opportunity to have their name drawn each week within their classroom. Each classroom teacher draws a couple of winners each week from their collection of green paws. Those students are able to choose from a green paw rewards menu their teacher provides. Those rewards have included: eat lunch with the teacher, line leader for the day, eat lunch with the principal/assistant principal, walk and talk with principal, play the Wii in principal’s office, sit in the teacher’s chair for the day, etc. Students love to choose their own rewards and are very proud of their accomplishment!

Students can be given a “red paw” for not following our expectations. If a student earns a total of three red paws, the student will have a reteaching session with an administrator once the third red paw is given. At this reteaching session procedures will be revisited in the specific area of concern.

We have seen a great deal of success and positive impact on our students by clearly teaching the expectations and by rewarding their positive behavior. If you have any questions regarding our PBIS plan, please do not hesitate to contact someone in the front office or your child’s teacher.

These documents were created by our staff to share with students in order to explain clear expectations while attending Towne Meadow Elementary.