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Formal Lab Reports

You will follow the format below for each lab report.  Use the sections that are appropriate for each lab.  Include the heading for each section except the "Title" in your notebook.  Pre-lab sections should be completed before the lab is performed.


Write a title at the top of the page of each lab.  Just below this you should also include:
    partner name(s)

This is a phrase or sentence(s) describing what you are trying to accomplish in the experiment.

Pre-lab:  questions, sketches, safety, and theory (when appropriate)
All pre-lab questions should be written and answered in this section.  Sketches for unusual equipment, lab safety guidelines, and background information you may need to use in your experiment should also be included. 

List the names of the chemicals, equipment, and materials in your experiment.

This is a step-by-step list of what you do during the experiment.  Shorten the version you see on your handouts, but include enough information so you can follow what you are to do. Write this in complete sentences or draw detailed diagrams to demonstrate what is to be done. 


Data and Observations:
This section includes ALL data and observations that need to be recorded from your experiment. 
    Everything that gets weighed or measured must be included here.  Write the substance, measurement and units.
    If you observe a reaction, note the appearances of the substances before, during and after the reaction.
    If you observe something unusual or unexpected, or if something goes wrong during your experiment, include that information in this section as well.
    Do NOT write your interpretations here about what you think is happening.  That comes later.  This is strictly observations. 

Graphs (if appropriate):
Since your lab notebook is grided, you will draw your graphs directly into your notebooks.  Be sure to include: 
    labels and units for each axis
    equal divisions for your chosen increments on each axis.

Calculations and Questions:
This section is where your calculations will be performed and noted.  Please show your work!  Lab questions should also be answered in this section.  Any error calculations you need to perform should also be included in this section.

    Results:  A paragraph summary describing the results of your experiment should be written here.  Make sure this answers the "Purpose" of your lab.
    Analysis:  An interpretation or discussion of your lab results should be included.  This should reflect your level of understanding of what transpired in your lab.  Unusual occurrences should also be included here along with error calculations.