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Galileo Exhibit...

This morning I went to the Museum of Science and History. I was just past the Ponte Vecchio where I was yesterday so it was easy to find. Like all of the museums, you can’t take pictures (although I was incorrectly informed when I went inside so I actually got to take a few) so I don’t have a lot of documentation from the visit. This museum contains the largest collection of Galileo’s instruments that he designed himself. As I walked through the museum I couldn’t help but think about my students who are so dependent on computers for everything and take for granted the fact that those things are there for us. The discoveries that our predecessors had that have enabled so many future discoveries and inventions cannot be forgotten. Just because we don’t need to do things the “long way” anymore doesn’t mean we shouldn’t appreciate and forget those that made our progress even possible. A very interesting section in the museum as the “Science of Warfare” and how war in intricately tied to mathematics. They knew mathematics was important and appreciated its role in all that they did. A few interesting quotes from the exhibit…

“The spread of firearms transformed battlefields into a theater of geometric studies. Mortars compelled modifying the geometry of fortresses.”

“For the nobleman who attended his lessons in mathematics, a soldier should have a basic knowledge of arithmetic, geometry, surveying, perspective, mechanics, and military approach.”   -Galileo

After the museum, I wandered through Florence one last time, enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the restaurant across from my hotel, bought a bottle of wine to take back home, then made my way to the train station (before it rained again) to head for Rome. I typed most of the way to Rome so I didn’t get behind on my journal but was so happy that one of the gentlemen next to me pointed out the biggest and most beautiful field of sunflowers I had ever seen. It was just a sea of yellow all standing at attention in the same direction. Only 2 days left…