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Carmel Clay Schools

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Exploring the Island

Today we rose early to catch a cab to the small village of Lefkes. This small village was just like the others… white buildings, blue doors, and an endless maze of them. From this village we began our hike along the ancient Byzantine Road. The road connects the village of Lefkes to the small town of Promodoros. In some parts of the road it is dirt but in most is either rocky or covered with smooth pieces of marble paving the way. Some of the locals refer to it as “The Marble Road” for this reason. We were grateful that we started early because of the heat. The road steadily climbs up and down for the entire 1.5 to 2 miles.   The early morning temperatures weren't too bad. We came out into the small village of Promodoros and wandered through the maze of homes for awhile. The crisp beauty of the homes contrasted against the blue sky and sea and the glorious fuschia colored flowers overflowing from the trees and bushes was breathtaking. From the village we decided to walk into Marpissa (another village) to see if there was anything interesting there. The walk was difficult as it was along a busy road where drivers had little regard for pedestrians. By the time we reached the far side of Marpissa we decided to turn back and return to Lefkes for lunch. The walk back was certainly more exhausting because by this time the sun was high in the sky and was beating down on us. We were grateful for every drop of water we had brought! By the end of our journey we walked almost 10 miles and lunch was fabulous event! As usual, we found a cute little restaurant and ate in the open air then headed back to the hotel for a relaxing dip in the pool.