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Follow this link to see pictures of my trip... http://msgstriptoeurope.shutterfly.com/pictures#n_5

On my own...

On the road (or up in the air) again. Today I said goodbye to my camera man and left Greece for Italy…by myself. This is truly my first time ever being alone in a foreign country and is giving new meaning to “stepping out of my comfort zone.”   I have become oddly comfortable with not being able to read the signs around me or being able to understand the conversations right next to me. That said, I was scared to even order lunch. In Greece, there was a lot of English spoken. I hardly heard any English in the airport in Rome (passing through to Florence). Obviously, not eating was not an option given that I ate in Greece at 10:30 and wasn’t supposed to land in Florence until 6:30 so I mustered up the courage and ordered the simplest thing I could find… pizza. Lame I know. Ok, I’ll confess, afterwards I got the courage to order a cone of chocolate gelato too. It’s good that I’ve got my priorities straight. I’m certain by the end of the week I’ll be much better. I didn’t have any tours or anything in Florence today…just travel, and that’s a good thing because… The flight from Rome to Florence left an hour late, and just as we were about to land the plane went back up. The captain then announced that the tail wind in Florence was too strong to land so we were diverted to Pisa. Upon landing, those of us who spoke English banded together to make sure we weren’t left behind when the transfer bus to Florence left. Finding a taxi at the airport was quite easy. More money than I had been planning to spend but I made it to my hotel safely and that’s what really matters. It’s all about the journey, right?! Tomorrow I head to Vinci (by train and bus) to see the home and museum of Leonardo daVinci. The train and bus ticket purchase should be interesting…