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Follow this link to see pictures of my trip... http://msgstriptoeurope.shutterfly.com/pictures#n_5

Vinci, Italy

I woke up to pouring rain this morning so I didn’t expect my sightseeing to be the best; however, I’m only here once and I’ve flown halfway across the world to see these sights to I started my day anyway. Breakfast at the hotel was delicious. Then again, who doesn’t enjoy fresh croissants served with Nutella?! I made my way to the train station and figured out how to buy my ticket to Empoli. From Empoli I purchased a bus ticket to the small town of Vinci. After less than 24 hours, I’m already getting more comfortable with the language barrier. My plan was to see both the daVinci Museum and his home; however, the walk to his home was almost 2 miles. No big deal in nice weather but not so great alone in a thunderstorm. I decided to just see the museum. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take pictures inside the museum but I was able to take some neat ones outside of the sculpture dedicated to daVinci and the castle that houses part of the museum. The museum contained models of many of his inventions. Thanks to the iPod tour that I rented for 2 Euro, I was able to understand the exhibits very well. Since it was still raining when I finished the tour, I grabbed a quick bite to eat a small café next to the castle and headed back to Florence. I can’t express the joy and pride I felt in myself for successfully navigating my way to Vinci and back. 

I was so happy to be back in my warm dry hotel room that I fell asleep. When I woke, the sun was shining so I headed for stroll and good old fashioned people watching in the Piazza Santa Maria Novella. Oh yeah, I got another cone of gelato. I’ve decided it’s really good I don’t live here. The Italian desserts are irresistible!

An Interesting Dinner...

Dinner tonight included a guided tour of the city on our way to little restaurant in the country. We stopped at the piazza dedicated to Michelangelo. In the square is a bronze replica of his statue, The David, overlooking Florence. The panoramic view was beautiful. The tour was supposed to be me and another couple (that I didn’t know). Unfortunately, the other couple didn’t show up so dinner at the cute restaurant was just me… a little awkward but the food was so good it was worth it. Dinner included all the courses. There was no way that I could possibly eat all the food especially since they brought me a bit of each item because I was alone. The menu included the following…

1.)    Wine… 3 choices. I had a glass of the strawberry wine. It was a little sparkly and very yummy.

2.)     Appetizers… Fried cheese balls, fried olives (yum!!), bruschetta, bread with a sausage spread, bread with a mushroom spread, and two other spreads that I can’t remember what they said they were.

3.)     Course 1… Pasta… penne pasta with spicy meat sauce and ravioli stuffed with ricotta and spinach in a cream sauce

4.)     Course 2… Meat… steak and roasted potatoes

5.)     Dessert… since I was alone they wanted me to try everything so they brought me a piece each of a cake with berries on top, a chocolate mousse type pie, and the best tiramisu I’ve ever had

6.)     Coffee… cappuccino

I think they thought I was crazy since I didn’t finish a single item (except my wine and cappuccino). While I waited for my tour guide to return, they gave me a lemon cello. Oh and I almost forgot, during dinner the singing/guitar playing trio that played music throughout decided to serenade me… sitting all alone. My face was so red I’m sure. I don’t do well being the center of attention like that… quite the night for sure… now to bed. Tomorrow is a walking tour of Florence, and I head to Pisa for the afternoon.