FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)



This page contains answers to common questions you may have about the Towne Meadow Elementary School PTO, along with some tips and overall general information we have found useful.

Q.  How can I get more involved in my child's education?

There are several ways to be more involved with your child's education. You can become involved in Towne Meadow PTO (Parent Teacher Organization), you can volunteer at school, and/or you can provide assistance in your child's classroom.


Q.  What is the PTO?

PTO stands for Parent Teacher Organization. It is a local organization that provides a way for parents, teachers, and the community to work together for the good of children. On a school level, the Towne Meadow PTO is helpful in organizing events and activities and for assisting with fundraising opportunities that help enrich the educational and social experience of all Towne Meadow students.   The PTO helps fund field trips, classroom subscriptions, convocations, enrichment activities, classroom parties, track and field day, and many additions items that DIRECTLY benefit your student.  


Q.  Can anyone join the PTO or volunteer at the school?

Yes, any parent or guardian of a Towne Meadow student that makes a donation is considered a member of the PTO. If you have some spare time and you would like to make a difference, we would love to have your assistance. At the top of the page is a link to the list of committees you may be interested in. If you are interested in any of these committees, please email any member of the board. If you have any questions about these or other volunteer opportunities, please contact the Committee Chair listed.  


Q.  What it the time commitment if I volunteer for a committee? 

All of our committees need volunteers whether you can help for many hours or for one. Various  committees have projects that can be worked on at home as it fits into your schedule. Being involved does not mean that you have to be available to come into the school during the week. Everyone’s help is appreciated and needed no matter how much time you can devote.

Q.  How much are the PTO membership dues?

If you have a child at the school and donate to the PTO, you are considered a member.  However, we do have a Fall Fundraiser campaign where your donation of $75 for one child or $100 for more than one child gives you access to the online directory, family fun nights, and a TME shirt for you child/ren.  If you are interested in participating in this, please contact the Executive Board or fill out the form in the tab labeled "Forms - Fall Fundraiser."  Please note - this donation is taking the place of door-to-door selling for fundraising.  Your participation is greatly appreciated in raising the funds to continue programs funded by the PTO.  

 Q. Will my child really do better if I am involved?

  • Research on this topic has been conclusive. Children do better in school when their parents are involved. Just a few of the published benefits are:
  • Students attitudes are more positive.
  • Negative student behavior decreases.
  • Students achievement increases regardless of the parent's own education, economic or ethnic/racial background.
  • Students have higher grades, better attendance, and complete homework more often.
  • Graduation rates are higher.

Q.  How do I join the PTO?

Joining the PTO is simple. You are a member if you have a student at Towne Meadow, make a donation, or volunteer to help. If you’d like to get more involved, please email a board member.