Preparing Your Child for School


Entering kindergarten is a big step in the life of a five year old and his/her parents. It is the desire of the Carmel Clay Schools that this experience be most beneficial, for the importance of these early years is a matter of great concern to all of us. By working together, the family and the school can make this year a rewarding one.

Ten things to help your child prepare for school

You can help your child feel more comfortable, secure, and independent at school by....

  1. visiting, observing, and discussing interesting things, activities, places, and people in the community.
  2. planning, working, and playing together as a family.
  3. giving the child duties which he/she is capable of successfully executing.
  4. allowing the child to make choices and follow through on time.
  5. regularly reading to your child and showing him/her that you enjoy reading a variety of literature.
  6. having regularly scheduled meals, which comprise a well-balanced diet.
  7. being aware of, and cooperating with, school regulations.
  8. establishing a routine of regular school attendance, unless the child is ill.
  9. making sure he/she knows his/her full name, address, and telephone number.
  10. establishing a regular bedtime that allows for plenty of sleep.

Sample activities to help prepare your child for kindergarten are...

  1. arranging household items into groups to build organizational skills.
  2. preparing snacks and meals to teach about measuring, temperature and time.
  3. growing plants to encourage curiosity and a sense of wonder.
  4. playing games with words, numbers and colors at home and in the car to build basic language and number skills.
  5. promoting a love of reading by reading books and magazines together.