Special Programs for Your Child



Towne Meadow Elementary realizes that all students are unique and some students have different learning styles. Therefore, there are special programs available for some of these learning needs. Examples of these are: Gifted and Talented, special education, speech, occupational, and physical therapy.

To find inquire about any of these programs, please call Towne Meadow Elementary at (317)733-2645.

Special Education

Special Education services are provided for students qualifying under Article 7. We provide services for students with learning disabilities, emotional disabilities, mildly mentally handicapped, autism, and other health impairments. If your child does not currently have an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) and you feel he or she may qualify for services, you can request an evaluation by our school psychologist. If you would like to learn more information about special education in general, please explore the following links:

Carmel Clay School: Office of Special Education

Speech Therapy


Towne Meadow has a full time speech pathologist. Speech and language services are provided for students qualifying for a Communication Disorder under Article 7. Services are provided during the school day based on the level determined by your child's IEP. If your child does not currently have an IEP, and you believe he/she may qualify, you can request an evaluation from the speech pathologist.

High Ability

Students meeting the criteria for high achievers can be placed in the Towne Meadow Challenge Program. Students in grades two through five are in a self-contained classroom for the entire day. If you feel your child is eligible for this program, please visit Carmel Clay Schools High Ability Website.

Occupational and Physical Therapy


Students that qualify for special services under Article 7 for either special education or speech services may also be eligible for occupational or physical therapy. Currently, the occupational and physical therapists come to Towne Meadow one day a week to provide services. If you would like to contact the therapists in regards to either of these programs, please contact the school office.