Birthday Book Club

Celebrate your child's birthday with a book donation which will be enjoyed by many students for years to come.  If you wish to participate, please complete the birthday book form.

Children will select their book during the month of their birthday.  For summer birthdays, July birthdays can select in the fall and June birthdays in May.  

If you miss the month of your child's birthday, we can always select at another time in the year!  

Young Hoosier Book Award (YHBA)

 The Young Hoosier Book Award (YHBA) program, established by the Indiana Library Federation, is intended to promote recreational reading among Indiana students.  Each year, the YHBA committees select 20 books for the Picture Book List for grades K-3, 20 books for the Intermediate list for grades 4-6, and 20 books for the Middle Grade list for grades 6-8.  For complete list, see below:

YHBA Voting and Battle of the Books

2nd and 3rd Grade

Students who read or listen to at least 12 of the 20 nominees from the Picture Book list may participate in a state-wide vote to select a YHBA winner.  The voting takes place in the Media Center in the spring.

4th and 5th Grade

The YHBA list of nominees contains 20 book titles covering a wide range of reading levels and subjects. Students must read at least 5 of the titles from the list to be eligible to vote for his/her favorite book in the Media Center in the spring.

The Woodbrook Media Center has multiple copies of the 20 Intermediate titles, and the Carmel Clay Public library has many copies of each books as well as ebooks and audiobooks of most titles.

Battle of the Books

This is a book challenge competition for fourth and fifth grade students.  The students form a four person team from their grade.  Each team member must read at least five books from the current Young Hoosier Award list and become an "expert" on those books they have read. In May, during set times, grade level teams "battle" with each other.  The battles include 20 questions.  The winning teamwill advance to the next level.  

Check back later in the semester as more information will be coming about Battle of the Books which takes place in May. Tons of fun!

Students, join the YHBA Canvas Course to stay up to date on YHBA and Battle of the Books information, team documents, and required book response form. See Mrs. Vahle for directions.