Woodbrook PTO Committees

Woodbrook PTO Committee Descriptions


STAFF APPRECIATION:  The Appreciation committee has the responsibility of selecting and providing remembrances and gifts given to the school staff by the PTO for special occasions. This group also provides several lunches for the staff throughout the year. 

FAMILY APPRECIATION: The Family Appreciation committee is responsible for providing refreshments for various events throughout the school year. These include: Kindergarten orientation, Muffins with Mom, Morning with Dad and PTO meetings. Volunteers are needed to provide baked and paper goods for these occasions. Family Appreciation may also be responsible for PTO seasonal displays throughout the school.

PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT:  The Director is responsible for contacting the teachers in an effort to fulfill any indoor or outdoor recreational needs for the students.  Duties include returning outdoor balls and jump ropes to appropriate grade level carts, inflating deflated balls and assessing rainy day games for missing pieces and overall condition.

NOMINATIONS: The Nominations Committee, chaired by the Past President of the PTO, is responsible for filling the PTO Board for the following school year. One representative from each Woodbrook neighborhood is required. The committee meets in the spring for one or two sessions.  

OFFICE/NURSE VOLUNTEERS: The Office/Nurse Volunteer Director provides scheduling of parent volunteers who will assist staff in the following areas: copying, collating, stapling, sorting, distributing, laminating, and other jobs involved in the operation of the school. Office volunteer director also helps in scheduling volunteers to help cover the school Nurse’s lunch or meetings and helps with other various tasks needed by the school nurse.

PERFORMING ARTS: This Committee works with the Music teacher to manage the school play costume inventory, decorate backdrops and prepare students for each grade level production as needed.  Committee is also responsible for holding auditions and sending out confirmation of those students that will perform in the end of the year talent show.  Committee will also run the talent show on the last day of school.

READING INCENTIVE PROGRAM: Volunteers track participating student’s progress in the reading program, update bulletin board and award prizes. 


The Room Parents Committee consists of the Director(s), a grade Level Coordinator for each grade, a Class Coordinator for each home base classroom, as well as additional Room Parents from each home room base classroom. Room Parent responsibilities include the following:

1.       Attend the two scheduled room parent meetings.

2.       Plan and provide the classroom Fall Festival and Spring parties. These parties are coordinated so that all the classrooms in a grade level play the same games and have the same refreshments. The PTO provides $1.00 per student per party to help defray expenses.

3.       Assist the Carnival Committee by organizing the volunteers within their assigned classrooms to run the Carnival games or booths assigned to their classrooms.

4.       Assist in any additional responsibilities that arise during the school year such as providing baked goods, making phone calls and coordinating help for the grade level musical performance. The Room Parent Coordinator for each grader level is also a room parent for that grade. This person works with the Class Coordinators (Head Room Parents) of each home base classroom in that grade with respect to the planning of the games, favors and refreshments for the two parties and the Carnival work schedules for that grade level, as well as any other additional responsibilities that may arise during the year. The Class Coordinators (Head Room Parents) of each home base classroom work with the Grade Level Coordinators and the other Room Parents in their home base classroom to accomplish the above tasks.

SCHOOL DIRECTORY: This Director is responsible for gathering student and staff information for the school directory.  Once information is complied and proof read the director then takes main copy to copy center for production and then distributes to students once received back from copy center.  One update with new student information is made for the second semester and distributed through the Woodbrook World.

SCHOOL KIT COORDINATOR: The Director works in the spring with the principal and teaching staff at each grade level to secure a list of school supplies needed by students the following school year. The Director coordinates order taking, acquisition, and distribution of pre-packaged school supplies. Pre-packaged school kits are distributed at the Back-to-School Ice Cream social gathering.

TUESDAY TREATS: This director sets a schedule with parents who have volunteered to provide snacks for Tuesday Treats.  The director sends out an email of the school year schedule at beginning of the year along with email reminders to those assigned families each month.  Director is at school on the first Tuesday morning to collect donated treats and display them for the teachers. 

VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR: The Volunteer Coordinator assists the Directors of each committee to make sure that all volunteers are utilized during the year. The coordinator is also responsible for compiling PTO volunteer lists. The coordinator is also the main recruiter of volunteers from CHS Key club and NHS students and works with room parent coordinator to fill volunteer spots for the mane event.

WEBSITE COORDINATOR: The mission of the PTO web site is to provide Woodbrook parents with useful, accurate, and timely information regarding PTO activities. The Coordinator is responsible for updating the website throughout the year.

WELLNESS:  Work with school wellness committee (staff) to promote general wellness and health programs throughout the school year.  Plan and coordinate volunteers for the annual Wellness Fair and amazing race in the spring and family fitness night in the winter.

WOODBROOK WEAR: Woodbrook Wear is the collection of clothing offered for sale to Woodbrook students and parents. The Director oversees all procedures including marketing, sales and the distribution of the clothes.


COLONIAL DAYS:  Colonial Days is an event conducted for the fifth graders and is chaired by the parent of a fifth grader. During Colonial Days, speakers and programs reflecting colonial times in Indiana are presented in conjunction with the fifth grade curriculum. The Director organizes the speakers and programs, decides on the colonial craft projects, and organizes fifth grade parent volunteers to teach the crafts. Ideally there is also a Colonial Day shadow who is the parent of a fourth grader. This person is able to observe the process of preparing and participating in Colonial Days so he or she is prepared to be the Director the following year.

FAMILY EVENT COORDINATOR: This committee organizes and plans school events for the entire family. This includes the Back to School Event in August and Family Fun Night (sponsored by the Children’s Museum) in January. The chairpersons are responsible for organizing the event, ordering supplies needed, and coordinating all volunteers. 

FIFTH GRADE PARTY: The Fifth Grade Party Committee organizes the fifth grade year-end party to celebrate their “graduation.”


All of the Directors for the various fundraising efforts report to the Ways and Means Director who sits on the Executive Board. This assures a consistent and non-repetitive effort.

PARENT NIGHT OUT COORDINATOR. The Director and committee are responsible for planning, securing a location, food, decorations, and advertising of this fundraiser. Director is also responsible for the planning and implementation of the entire Auction process, including bidding and checkout and ensuring that the evening runs smoothly.  This event has grown into an adult only event off school grounds.

BOOK FAIR: The Directors will work with Woodbrook’s media specialist in arranging for the week long event including selecting a book selling partner and organizing volunteers. Volunteers will act as cashiers and assist the students in selecting books.

CARNIVAL/CARNIVAL GAMES: The Directors are responsible for all aspects of this fund-raiser. This includes coordinating games, ensuring that volunteers are scheduled to work the carnival, organizing game booth folders, coordinating bake sale donations, obtaining prizes for games. Volunteers are needed to sell tickets on the day of the carnival, work prize tables, run games, work in the food area, and help sell baked goods.

ANNUAL GIFT CAMPAIGN: The Director of this effort will coordinate our annual gift campaign fundraiser in the fall.  This director is also responsible for obtaining and distributing incentives to families as well as maintaining Friends of the Lion family tree picture wall.  Director will promote fundraiser at Ice Cream social, movie night, and meet the teacher and Kindergarten information nights.


FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT: The Family Movie Night Director prepares and runs the Friday night events including obtaining the movies to be shown and scheduling parent volunteers to work the events.  

PRODUCT LABELS: The Director and volunteers gather Box Top and Tyson labels which parents have saved and turned in throughout the year, counts then to be redeemed with local and national retailers. The PTO in turn receives money.  Director will hold raffle for students each month and reward with prizes.