Fuel up to Play 60

Fuel Up to Play 60

WBE Joins Fuel Up to  Play 60 to Bring Exciting Wellness Opportunities

Fuel Up to Play 60 program and website that offers students tools and information to use to promote wellness for themselves, at home and the community. 

Fitness Around the World Program – join in the fun of tracking out of school fitness activities and reporting back to your classmates. 

Wellness Wednesdays the 1st day of the every month

  • Interesting & Healthy Food Tastings at Lunch featuring foods from around the world
  • Promoting healthy choices at lunch
  • All School Walks 

Stability balls, Stability Boards and Desk Bike options in the Media Center (maybe your teacher will want to try them in the classroom too!) 

Funding for New Playground Equipment in 2017


Download Packet with Tracking Forms

DOWNLOAD -  Fuel up to Play 60 Packet